#FDBeauty Halloween Special: Zombie

A few weeks ago, I gave you a  list of some of the hottest vampires in film to go along with the Halloween video tutorial. This time round, we want to revisit another horror classic with Theresia Feegy, who leads us own the path of zombie-inspired makeup.

Theresia gives us a great low-cost idea for special effects: using oatmeal to simulate gnarly-looking flesh and skin. She glued on the oatmeal with eyelash glue, and then coloring it in with foundation and eyeshadow. You can supplement the look with bite marksbruises, and pale contacts to add more gravitas to your look (commitment is key).

With that being said, what’s your favorite zombie movie? I’m a big, big fan of the the of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, the Y-chromosomal Adam of zombe films. I also really like the tension and minimalist production that made 28 Days Later so effective as a horror movie, complete with layered themes that visualize different types of horror (isolation, suicide, sexism, end of the world); I even enjoy its steroid-injected sequel, the very noisy 28 Weeks Later, but I think my go-to zombie movie will always be the endlessly entertaining Shaun of the Dead. What’s yours?