#FDBeauty Halloween Special: Bloody Bite Mark

The fifth season of The Walking Dead is in full swing, ya’ll! Now I have a reason to spend my Monday nights glued to the boob tube, fully invested in the fate of fictional characters while mindlessly snacking on a lot of homemade popcorn. Homemade popcorn is so much cheaper and better for your overall health than the microwaved stuff — so cook up a bucket and come join me on the couch.

Sasha's skin still looks really good, considering she hasn't scheduled a facial recently. (Image source: AMC)

Sasha’s skin still looks really good, considering she hasn’t scheduled a facial recently. (Image source: AMC)

In last week’s #FDbeauty post about vampires, I mentioned decreased interest among people going to Halloween parties as vampires ever since zombies became the creature du jour. Despite their waning popularity after a decade of revival, I still think the zombie apocalypse will be one of the more hotly anticipated ways to mark the end of civilization.

If Shaun of the Dead taught us anything about surviving the zombie apocalypse, it’s that you need a good gait and moan to make a convincing undead. But why stop there?  You can’t complete your zombie look without the requisite zombie bite. Theresia Feegy now kindly shows us how to make a bite mark so real to help you survive the impending rise of the walking dead.