#FDBeauty Halloween Special: Hottest Vampires in Film

We now continue October’s Halloween Horror special, and Theresia Feegy is back with a full-face tutorial. If you were thinking about going as a vampire this year, feel free to follow along her creepy interpretation of the classic Halloween staple:

I think vampires used to be everyone’s safety/backup Halloween costume, until zombies stole the show and became de rigueur. Vampires lost a lot of street cred when the Twilight series effectively rendered them as dead-eyed asexual vegetarians who had a thing for Volvos and soppy poetry — in fact, the entire young adult book industry has done a pretty good job of castrating them from their horror origins! — but I think they’re slowly returning to their proper roots, thanks to the success of The Strain and even the lukewarm Dracula Untold

The vampire makeup that you see Theresia apply is pretty hardcore, and there are still so many film-based vampires from whom you can glean inspiration. For a super babely look, refer to the creature of the night played by Monica Bellucci in  Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Good grief, what a stunner. Everything about her face just screams the tenets of ’90s makeup trends: brown lipstick, arched eyebrows, and matte foundation with a powdery finish. *Makes note to write article about tenets of makeup in the ’90s*

And then there’s the seminal Aaliyah, who rocked the best smokey eye/cat eye combo in Queen of the Damned — but to say that Queen of the Damned is a vampire movie is like saying muffins are a type cupcake, and that’s just plain wrong.

We miss you, girl.

We miss you, girl.

Still looking for an even more classic vampire look? There’s always the OG strigoi of film, from 1922’s Nosferatu.

"Good day. May I interest you in some sun protection products?"

“Good evening. May I interest you in some sun protection products?”

Did I miss anyone? Who are some of your favorite vampires in film?