#FDBeauty Halloween Special: Barbaric Bruises

Did you enjoy our first Halloween special how-to video? Here’s a funny story about it: the model in that video, Dori, had to attend a last-minute business meeting at the office in the middle of the shoot. We didn’t let her take off the makeup because the shoot was not over yet — so being the good sport that she is, she walked into the meeting with the fake scar on, and thankfully, the people she had that meeting with were both humored and fascinated. I think she ended up striking a deal on that meeting, so I wonder if special effects horror makeup is the key to successful business deals?

Here’s another simple, low-key special effects makeup that you can do at home to complete your Halloween costume (or business meeting, if you work here). ┬áTheresia Feegy (of Muse’s Wonderland) showed us how to make realistic-looking bruises out of a sponge that she poked holes in, and then dabbing them on the arm with different colors that simulate contusions. She used pots of face paint in the video, but you can also get the same effect with red, purple, and black lipstick.

The key to this is knowing when to stop — don’t get carried away and dab on colors until the cows come home, otherwise you’ll just look like a modern art canvas. This is a great addition to any zombie or pirate-based costume. What other outfits do you reckon would go well with this sort of fake injury?