#FDBeauty Video Tutorial: How to Apply Serum

You probably already know that there are all sorts of serums out there: there are serums formulated to improve hydration, target dark spots, prevent fine lines — the list goes on. But what’s the point of owning a serum if you’re not putting it on properly?

Here, Hanzky shows us the right way to apply a serum to skin, so we get the maximum benefits from the product. The serum she used in the video was the Clarins Double Serum, an award-winning serum that has become a favorite among beauty enthusiasts for its intensive anti-aging properties. Here are a couple of other star serums that have become a favorite at FDHQ:

FCAS 90ml Limited Edition Jakarta


Sulwhasoo First Care Activating SerumThis is a serum that Dezell has previously raved about, and she isn’t alone in her praise: one bottle is sold every nine minutes, and in 2013, the product pulled in USD 1 billion worth of sales since it was first stocked on shelves seventeen years ago. From February to March 2014, a special limited-edition version of the serum will be available in Indonesia, with packaging artwork that features the iconic Monas. The 90ml bottle will retail at IDR 1,080,000, available at Sulwhasoo counters.


kanebo blanchir superior conclusion alpha


Kanebo Whitening W Conclusion AlphaThis is a serum I encountered when I turned to Kanebo products for my skincare needs. The Whitening W Conclusion Alpha contains an active proprietary ingredient which “prevents dark spots before they become visible.” Something else that this serum has successfully done for me is help reduce the redness in my cheeks, so I no longer look flushed all the time.



What do you look for when searching for a serum? Do you have a favorite? Check out the Serum/Essence thread at the forums to see what serums have worked for fellow FD members!