Tried & Tested: Go with Kanebo for Brighter Skin!

If you remember, about a month ago I embarked on a quest to brighter skin with Kanebo. It was an interesting turn of events for me, because I’ve always been cautious of (and consciously avoided) products that promise to “brighten” skin; I was worried about harsh ingredients, and am averse to the idea of having a face that two shades lighter than the rest of the body.

But after a month of using a lineup of products from different Kanebo ranges (which you can read about here), I’ve completely changed my mind on the whole skin brightening business: skin brightening isn’t about bleaching skin or changing skin color, but rather to bring out the skin’s luminosity.

So let’s cut to the chase: what results have I experienced after a month of using Kanebo’s brightening products?

Before & After. The only makeup I'm wearing the second photo is lipstick and eyeliner.

Before & After. The only makeup I'm wearing in the second photo is lipstick and eyeliner.

- Concealed redness: when I first came into this, my cheeks were very red, but not from acne or rosacea. They were just red, as if I had theater-grade blusher applied all the time. I thought the redness came from an inflammation caused by internal physical factors that would require a diet or environmental change (food allergies, dermatitis, not getting enough sleep, etc), but since using products from the Blanchir and Impress line, the redness is less visible. As a result, my skin tone is far more even and I no longer look like a circus clown without makeup.

– Increased translucency and texture: to be honest, I was skeptical about skincare products improving translucency; I always thought clear, translucent skin was ideally achieved by lifestyle changes, because the condition of your skin is an indicator for health. But I found that no matter how healthy I ate or how much exercise I did, there are some things that just need that little extra boost. Products from the Blanchir line have done just that, making BB creams and foundations redundant. My pores are also less visible, while overall texture is more elastic and smooth.

– Decreased oiliness: before I started on the new regimen, my skin was assessed with Kanebo’s non-invasive skin analysis machine. This piece of equipment gave insight into the skin’s condition, from hydration to sun damage, blood circulation, and more. One of the biggest (and most visible) improvements was the reduction of oil. The first time I was tested with the machine, the readings showed that my skin was O, or oily; the last check-up, however, indicated that my skin was N, for “normal.” Woohoo!

This whole experience has really made me rethink and made new commitment to skincare. I am no longer skeptical of the positive effects that are offered by Kanebo brightening products – I’m a believer! I’m also convinced of the need to use skincare products that come from the same range or brand, because they contain ingredients that complement each other to speed up results.

Since the positive changes in my skin, I now very rarely wear generous applications of BB cream or foundation anymore because I’m more confident with the brighter, clearer skin I’m in. With that being said, here are some of the products that I now will not go without and are up for repurchase:

Blanchir Superior Oil Cleansing: I’m a firm believer in the Double Cleansing routine . Yes, facial wash will get rid of grit too, but the efficacy increases tenfold when helped out by double cleansing. The oil-based cleanser removes makeup without stripping skin of its hydration.

Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner: Something I’ve learned from this past month is the importance of Double Moisturizing. The Clear Conditioner (applied with a cotton pad after cleansing with a facial foam) does a stellar job of preparing the skin for the next process of moisturizing.

Blanchir Whitening Milky Conditioner: this product comes out of the bottle goopy at first, but a little but of it goes a long way – only a tiny amount is needed to cover the entire face.

There’s another thing that has really helped the efficacy of the products: my regular visits to Kanebo’s Facial Cabins for weekly facials have helped to conceal my redness and diminish. The therapists are highly-trained individuals who will patiently answer all and any queries you may have about your skin concerns and how Kanebo products can address them. Like I said in my first post, my personal facialist uses a range of non-invasive care techniques to complete the entire session. Extractions are done with a special vacuum (NOT painful squeezing and pinching by hand), which means I never leave the facial cabin red-faced. For now, Kanebo’s facial services are only available at Matahari Taman Anggrek, priced between IDR 250,000 – IDR 350,000 per visit depending on the treatment you need. BUT if you purchase vouchers for five treatments, you get the sixth one free. Pretty good investment, if you ask me!

So basically, it’s been a great month for my skin after my experience with the different ranges and products offered by Kanebo. They offer products in all ranges for whatever skincare concern you may have. My personal skincare concerns were definitely addressed and answered. If a skeptic like me can be converted into becoming a member of the choir, you will be too :) Look no further than Kanebo for personalized skincare that works. Let me know when it starts working for you too!