A Tasty Yogurt-Inspired Treat by Billy Tjong

Indonesian fashion designer Billy Tjong has always been one of my local favorites since I saw his collaboration with Erasmus Huis last year, where he presented a highly covetable collection that gravitated around the artwork of Rudolf Bonnet, the Dutch painter who became a fixture of the modern Balinese art scene with his interpretations of daily life in Ubud.

Earlier this year, he made himself even more accessible to the public by partnering up with Zalora through a very affordable collection that had his style DNA all over it. And then through his segment at this year’s Indonesia Fashion Forward — a collection called Bhinneka — once more showed off his talent at implementing digital prints into very wearable designs. One of my favorite pieces was this sweetheart dress emblazoned in what was basically a photograph of nighttime traffic. The designer has made something very pretty and desirable (a ball gown) out of something ugly that we all despise (gridlock traffic).

So it’s safe to say that Billy Tjong is really,
really good at marrying seemingly contrasting ideas and concepts — he doesn’t juxtaposition concepts, he bonds them through an innate sense of style alchemy.

But Billy’s prowess at was put the test at Jakarta Fashion Week through another collaboration opportunity, this time with Heavenly Blush. Yeah, as in Heavenly Blush, the yogurt. How do you do a fashion collaboration with a delicious fermented milk product?

Turns out that the collection falls under BOW, or BillyTjong Online Wardrobe, which is the designer’s ready-to-wear line. The collaboration was basically a celebration of available yogurt flavors in the Heavenly Blush family, which are Blackcurrant, Peach, and Strawberry. The creativity kicked in when the designer had the idea to line up color palettes with these flavors, which is pretty neat, huh?

billytjong heavenlyblush 1Working with a base palette of white, the outfits were split into their respective Heavenly Blush yogurt “flavors” by color: lavender for blackcurrant, canary for peach, and sakura pink for strawberry. Though minimalist in design, they were rich in interesting textures and high in wearability, making for a potentially wide reach across all aisles in the market.

I like the direction of Billy Tjong’s ready-to-wear line, and look forward to more food-based inspiration! What do you think of the collaboration? Do you see anything you can see yourself wearing in these pictures?

billytjong heavenlyblush 2