Skincare 101: The Basic Steps in Skincare Routine

Skincare 101: The Basic Steps in Skincare Routine

If there’s one thing we’re never tired of, it’s preaching on the importance to use skincare to keep your skin healthy. We believe a healthy and glowing skin is more important than having a perfectly well-put and flawless makeup. It’s the foundation of true beauty.

But, with so many skincare reviews and products that we’ve talked about at Fashionese Daily, you might be overwhelmed by what is actually the essential steps in terms of skincare. Especially if you’re just starting to build your routine, it can be a bit too much, right? Not to mention with all the extras that we’ve put on our skincare arsenal: pre-serum, serum, beauty oils, and so on. Not to forget different terminology with different brands, getting you confused on what the products actually do.

Fret not, because we’re taking a step back on our skincare agenda, and we’re here to tell you what are the necessary products (and steps) that you need to have when it comes to skincare.

The basic four steps that you need to follow:

1. Cleanser: It’s the first step and one of the most important steps. The key to cleansing is to cleanse just enough, the recommended number is twice a day, morning and night. In the morning, it helps to lift up remaining of your skincare that you use during the night – usually night and day skincare can be different – as well as the impurities sitting up on your face while you’re asleep. Whereas at night, it helps to lift up the dirt and impurities, and removes makeup from your face. We love to do double cleansing for night time cleansing. First is to lift up all the makeup and/or sunscreen, and secondly to cleanse your face thoroughly up to the surface of the pores.

2. Toner: There’s some contradictions surrounding the use of toner, some say it’s necessary and some say it’s not. But for me personally, from what I read and own experiences, I found toner necessary. Why is it necessary? First of all toner help to take away cleanser residue on your face. It also help to freshening your skin, as well as restoring your skin pH level to its normal state. Cleansing disturbs your skin pH balance as it is lifting up all the dirt off your skin, it will also strip some moisture from it. Using toner will help restore the balance in a jiff. Toners can also act as humectant, which means it helps to bind moisture to your skin.

I would personally choose alcohol-free toner or one with low level of alcohol since it can dry up your skin. It’s especially important for dry skin to do so. For oily skin, it’s more tolerable, but it doesn’t mean you need to choose one with very strong astringent. Just pick one that able to control oil.

3. Moisturizer: There’s no argument here, that moisturizer is very important. Depriving your skin of the moisture means endangering it by the threat of early aging. Skin lacking in moisture will sag and get crept up with wrinkles easily. Dry skin will opt more for creamy moisturizer whereas oily skin will need to choose water-based or gel texture moisturizer. Choose one that is suitable for your skin type – dry, normal or oily. Ask these five questions first when you first choose your moisturizer to aid you better in choosing a suitable one. Use moisturizer both during the day and night. It’s not necessary to use different moisturizer for day and night. But usually day cream contains some amount of sun protection and night cream has some active ingredients that works better while you’re asleep.

4. Sunscreen: There’s no point in using all of the above if you neglect to use sunscreen. The harmful UV radiations not only darkens your skin, but also cause early signs of ageing to erupt before its time. Choose sunscreen that is broad spectrum to protect you from both UVA and UVB radiations. It’s also recommended to apply it 20 minutes before you got exposed to direct sunlight. You only need to use this during the day.


Now that you all set with the basic, it’s time to check whether you’ve completed all the recommended steps.