What You Need for That Tired Looking Eyes!

If you have very tired looking eyes – undereye black circle, puffy eyes and uneven texture – then, you have to meet my new best friend :)

Though I’ve reviewed Sampar Glamour Shot Transparent Foundation, I had not used the Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes long enough to be able to write a review at that time. But after I used it on several occasions, I’m beginning to feel that this is a must-have item for anyone who has been relying on concealer to hide the imperfections under the eyes. The problem with using concealer is that sometimes you don’t feel like putting on the full coverage makeup that goes with it. It’s really hard to work around a concealer without using an appropriate layer of foundation. And, it does take a certain kind of skill and patience to apply it in the morning.

What is Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes?

It’s a crossover between cosmetic and skincare, where it gives a multi-action glamour revealer that helps to erase dark circles, brightens undereye area and blurs undereye wrinkles and fine lines. All that, in just one minute!

Why I love it?

Because it actually works! Without even using a concealer, my tired-looking eyes look visibly brighter and puffy eyes are reduced! See it for your self in the picture below.

As you can see, even the fine lines and rough texture on my undereye area look smoother. You can also definitely see that the puffy-eyes appearance is reduced significantly. It gives a really nice smooth texture on my undereye area.

On top of that, it contains encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid that gives hydration, targets wrinkles and fine lines from within, and plumps your eye contour. It also contains oat extract – soothing for the skin as well as giving an immediate lifting effect.

How to use it?

I prefer ¬†to use this product when I’m only wearing light coverage foundation, tinted moisturizer and powder foundation. For one of those days where you want to look polished, sans full-coverage makeup.

With powder foundation, I use if after I apply my moisturizer and before I dust the powder foundation on my face. For application with light coverage foundation and tinted moisturizer, I apply the face base first before I dab this product onto my undereye area.

To use if, transfer a bit of the product onto your fingertips and tap it lightly onto your undereye area until it’s completely absorbed on to the skin. You will feel a little tightening effect on your undereye and it looks completely matte as well. Wait for 5 minutes before you apply the rest of your makeup. Oh, and don’t apply this on your eye lid area as it will make your eye makeup looks cakey.

I think this product is worth your try! If you do give it a shot, please share with us your results.

Glamour Shot Eyes retails for IDR 375,000 and can be purchased at Senses, Grand Indonesia East Mall, Level 2 Skybridge.