Sampar Glamour Shot; Transparent Foundation?

Never much of a believer when it comes to a cosmetic-and-skincare crossover. But since I never regard the hybrid of the two as skincare, I’ll take added benefit on my cosmetic anytime (given there is any).

When Sampar Glamour Shot, landed on my desk, I wasn’t overly excited. When I read a review on Sampar’s thread about this product, the only one there is, it seems to be quite neutral, I decided to give it a go.

What is Sampar Glamour Shot? Described as transparent foundation that will even out texture, correct feasible wrinkle lines, and mattify your complexion.

The formula is lotion-based, but it dries out to a rather thick (thicker than primer at least) velvety finish veil. It dries rather quick too, that’s why you need to spread it out evenly, from the center part of your face to the outer part, very quickly. It fills out and evens out the appearance of pores, gives a nice smoothing effect to fine lines, but not the deep ones, and most importantly your complexion looks very matte!

Who is it perfect for? Those who want to achieve natural barely-there-makeup-look but still want to even out their complexion and smooth it out. When you use this product, you don’t even need powder to set it up! Just a dust of blusher, and you have a shine-free look. It’s also the perfect base for powder or mineral makeup foundation since it gives a nice velvety and matte canvas. But it’s a horrible match for liquid foundation as it will make your liquid foundation streaks badly.

When to wear it? Just after you’re finished with your skincare and before you apply your powder. You can also use it for mid-day touch up to get rid of the shine in your face. Just tap enough product in the area that you want to apply and don’t drag it, because it will make your makeup looks streaky!

The price is Rp 595,000 for 30ml. Looking natural is hard to achieve; who says looking natural is cheap :) And it’s hard to achieve!

Left: The lotion texture of the product, Right: After I spread it evenly, it looks translucent and matte