#FDBeauty Video Tutorial: Get Daenerys Targaryen’s Look

English actress Emilia Clarke plays one of the most beloved characters on Game of Thrones. Her take as the silver-haired Daenerys Targaryen has made her a household name, and today’s video tutorial is a basic instructional on how you can take on her famous look on the show. For this task, we invited Jakarta-based makeup Kiky Lutan to give our model the Targaryen glow (watch how Kiky gives our model the Cersei Lannister look).

At this point of the show, Daenerys has been doing plenty of adventuring on hot, sandy climates. All the adventuring has resulted in her growth as a woman and politician, and in the successful raising of an army, but the adventuring as also given her alabaster a permanent and enviable golden glow. Still, the most distinct facial feature of the Mother of Dragons is probably her thick brows: I was sort of amazed to see how Kiky transformed our model’s sparse brows with nothing but an eyebrow pencil and a brush. The trick is to draw and blend the shade with short upward strokes — this way, it will look natural, and not as if it had been drawn on.

Now watch this video if you want to channel the Mother of Dragons too. Valar morghulis!