#FDBeauty Video Tutorial: Makeup and Beauty, the Cersei Lannister Way

cersei gotUntil the show really comes to a close, I will never, ever get tired of discussing theories about one of my current favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones. I’ve discussed style inspirations from GoT, Griss talked about one of actresses’ changing hairstyle, and we’ve even covered  fitness regimes approved in Westeros and east of the Narrow Sea.

So of course I thought it was high time that the #FDBeauty video tutorial series covered a makeup tutorial with looks inspired by the HBO show. We invited Jakarta-based makeup artist, Kiky Lutan, to do a series of looks based on some of our favorite characters on the show, starting with Lena Headey’s Cersei Lannister.

Kiky is perfect for this job because he specializes in that soft, barely-there look — a look that Cersei Lannister’s makeup has mastered down pat: it involves flawless skin, neutral eyes, and a  nude lip. For someone whose ambitions drive so much of the plot, her look is fairly straightforward and low-maintenance. Ready to see how we transformed our model into the most feared woman in King’s Landing?