Throwback Thursday: How to Work the Red Carpet

As you may have already noticed, we’re working with L’Oreal Paris to get you as close to red carpet action at the 67th Cannes Film Festival without actually being there :) For the next few days, you’ll get to enjoy daily coverage of looks and styles on Female Daily as well as on our Instagram.

Last year, L’Oreal Paris released a specially curated makeup collection just for Cannes, and it was called L’Or Sunset. The look was all about warm gold tones that replicated the colors of the “magic hour” that you see when the sun sets over the horizon. Maybe this image will jog your memory:

15Relive the golden glow that emanated from L’Oreal Paris ambassadors in the video below, which starts with an interview with the fixedly fabulous Julianne Moore and shows footage of some of last year’s best looks on the Cannes red carpet. After watching the video, I’ve decided to turn a new leaf so I can have more in common with Jane Fonda (she’s 49 years my senior and looks more amazing than me and my similarly-aged cohorts put together TT__TT). What is your secret, Jane Fonda? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? *runs to a corner and cries uncontrollably*

When watching the video, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our homegirl, Maudy Koesnaedy!