Wardrobe Formula: The Black Shirt!

Tell me what top that every girl should have in their wardrobe? I know most of you would probably say classic white shirt and I couldn’t agree more. It’s one of the classic items that you should own.

But if you think about it, black is also as crucial to have. Sometimes, white is just too … well, white. It’s stark and looks so happy and bright, in a way. Whereas black, it can help your ensemble to look more mature and polished. But most importantly, during those bad days where you don’t know what to wear, black will save the day. As well as, of course, it makes you look slimmer!

But instead of sticking with the normal tailored shirt, why don’t you pick one with unusual cut or even patterns created through texture and garment combination. That will make your black shirt look more interesting. If you’re into peplum, try a black peplum top, although we predict that the hype of peplum will dissipate soon. But if it’s black, it will look like just another classic black piece. Or, try something that isn’t too obvious, like a different collar cut (like the scalloped collar at the bottom), or bigger sleeves, even an asymmetric or unusual hem cut. The point is, because it’s black, you don’t have to stick with the usual cut. You can get away with it.

Here are my picks to start your search, girls. Enjoy!

Minimal Gold Polkadot Top IDR 289,900, Playlust Tilda Peplum Top from Berrybenka IDR 175,000, Cotton Ink Black Simone IDR 229,000, BINCA Genom Tops from Scallope IDR 129,500