The Career Starter Wardrobe

Syita, one of our new family members who just recently graduated told me that a lot of her friends that are just starting to begin their career ask her what are the essentials to have to build up a career appropriate wardrobe?

For someone like me, who have built the office appropriate wardrobe, I just need to update one or two items but I understand for a fresh graduate deciding what they should invest on with their first paycheck can be confusing.

Here are the basic five items that you need to invest on:

  1. A dark fitted suit
    If you haven’t got one already, you need to pick one urgently. It’s the easiest way to transform your look into professional one. You can throw the jacket suit on top of your dress or top when you’re wearing skirt or pants and you’re ready to join your boss for the meeting. Choose suits that have a nice fit and don”t fall too loosely. Dark-coloured one is more recommended because with suit you tend to use it several times before you send it to the dry cleaner. Invest more money into your suit because the jacket suit will certainly get a lot of wear.
  2. Pencil skirt
    Some profession demands you to be in skirt all the time, but even if your job doesn’t require you to, it’s always a good idea to invest in one. Pencil skirt gives a well put-together look but if you think it doesn’t suit you well, opt for an A-line skirt.
  3. Black pants
    You will need at least 2 pairs of pants so you have one spare for every other day. It’s the easiest way to dress up professionally. If you’re looking to purchase the perfect pair, find the perfect pair of black pants for your body shape in this article.
  4. Crisp white shirt
    Most of the times a dark coloured suit is best paired with a crisp white shirt. White shirt doesn’t always mean boring. You can look for some extra detail that will spice up your white shirt such as bow detailing, oversized sleeves or frills and pleats.
  5. Little black dress
    When all things fail, trust the LBD to save your day. There may come a day in your career life where you’re just too tired because work have drained so much of your energy and you can’t think of anything to wear. It’s that time where you should reach out for the LBD. LBD is also perfect to be worn for an office event or dinner with clients during the night, where during the day at the office you just need to pair it up with your jacket suit.

* Pictures courtesy of H&M, ASOS, Stradivarius, Oline Workdrobe