The Fab Five from Victoria’s Secret

During the opening, I got to talk to Lulu Damiat, the area manager of Victoria’s Secret and asked her favorite items from the brand. If you’ve been following Fashionese Daily since the beginning, I have interviewed her for this post when she was still working at Arden B. She has a long list of retail experiences under her belt. And she has a good taste, so I trust her picks :).


1. The Passport Case.

Because every travelista needs a stylist cover up to protect the passport. Plus, it looks prettier than the original green cover of the Indonesian passport. She especially likes this one because it’s not as loud for her taste as the other designs.

2. The Travel Adaptor

I’m going to make sure that the next time I travel, I have one of these babies with me. I think it’s a brilliant idea because not only it’s a┬ánecessity, it also comes with a pretty case that we can use for something else if we’re not traveling.

3. The Seamless Panties

Because it’s a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. We don’t want any visible panty line here, do we? And not to mention that the lace is so smooth and comfortable.

4. The Bombshell EDP

It’s the best selling perfume in Asia. Fresh, with a little hint of sweetness. Such an all around kind of fragrance.

5. Travel Pouch Set

Three in one package. She uses the biggest one for her toiletries, the middle for her rolled up panties so they don’t scattered around the suitcase and the smallest one for cotton balls/buds and pantyliners.



So there, I presented you Lulu Damiat’s top five picks. What are you going to get the next time you step into Victoria’s Secret?