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I think Arden B can only be found here in the States..that’s too bad because it has some pretty clothes, similar to Bebe but I like Arden B more because the clothes are more wearable for me, Bebe has too many clubbing tops!!. The clothes are pretty well made and lots of the designs are runway inspired. Too bad the price point prevents me to shop there regularly…:D. But my friend Lulu is lucky..she is an Area Manager at Arden B – Dallas, so she gets her employee discount. She’s the only person I know who has closet full of Arden B stuff!!..:D. Here, she shares her favorite and summer picks from the collection, just click to enlarge. To see more stuff, go to

Btw, I did an interview with her for Dewi Magazine ‘Rantau’ column. The column features Indonesian women who work overseas. There, they share their experiences about their job, about living and adjusting to new cultures and also about the city they live in, like places to go and other goody goody. It’s my favorite column in the magazine after their ‘Gaya’ column..:D. Don’t forget to pick up the June issue, it’s out now..with Mieke Amalia on the pink cover..=)