Fit N Fab 2012 Reflection

Our first Fit N Fab annual reflection!

Let me recap our years of Fit N Fab. The earliest Fit N Fab post was published back in 2008 (as well as my first article under that same category, titled “Getting Fit With Wii Fit”). In 2009, we had 4 Fit N Fab articles. In 2010, we wrote 11 pieces. The following year, 2011, there were 12 posts. And lastly, in 2012, 23 Fit N Fab articles!

Do you see the trend here? It is progressing, albeit at a slower pace. But this progress also reflects Fashionese Daily’s commitment to promote healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising properly and of course, featuring Fit N Fab knicks and knacks, like shoes and equipment.

In early 2012, our CEO, Hanzky, asked me to be more active in contributing Fit N Fab-related posts. It was my every intention to write more, but as life got in the way, I didn’t get to write as many as I could have. I know when I have to apologize, and this is one of the moments of saying sorry for not bringing you more.

Last year, we also became more proactive in listing exercise varieties and places to get fitter and more fabulous! We have covered things from Barre workout to CrossFit experience. We even had a session of Zumba workout at FD HQ!

We talk the talk and we walk the walk too! I know FD girls at the HQ have embarked into (and continued to be in) a healthier lifestyle. I’ll spare the names, but I know two have signed up for gym membership, another one occasionally goes swimming, while others try very hard to wake up very early every Saturday to attend Master Bootcamp, and so on and so forth.

In 2013, I hope that I will make more time to write about the good stuff of Fit N Fab topics. More time to try out new things for you, Fashionese Daily readers. Admittedly, for me, writing Fit N Fab takes much longer than any other topic. The fact-checking and cross-referencing parts take time, because the last thing I want to do is to mislead or present outdated information.

And now, on a personal note. It has been one year since I started training regularly (well, for a good part of the year, at least). It has been one year since my interest in health and fitness got their brightest spark. It has been one year of feeling fitter and better than ever. I am one of those people who feel fitter now than I was a decade ago. I am no longer fixated at the scale and I put more faith on how my clothes fit.

I’m not big on before-and-after picture. I didn’t feel I lost weight that much anyway (though mostly because I’m embarrassed). But since somebody at the HQ suggested that I should put one up, for the first time, I thought “Oh, maybe just this once…”

Left: November 2011. Right: September 2012.

I was pretty surprised when I looked at the picture. Truthfully, I probably only lost 3 kilogram, give or take (depending on the time of weighing, really). That’s it. I don’t think I had a mind-blowing transformation, but seeing it now, I think there is somewhat a difference between the before and after. I guess the more dramatic difference is that I have not been getting sick easily. And for me, that is a big deal. I am not famous for my strong immune system – my best friend since college used to tease me that I always get the best bang for the buck out of my health insurance premium because I kept on using it! Now I can’t recall when was the last time I called in sick at work in 2012. I am thankful for my health.

I truly no longer want to be a size 0. I have made peace that my genes make me more on the meatier side. I only want to be stronger (snatching 16-kg kettlebell, thank you). I want to have better stamina. And those are my personal 2013 resolution. Very simple, but I have a l-o-n-g way to go. I need to be more diligent (and go heavier) in weight lifting. I have to not slack off on my kettlebell training. And most of all, I need to stick to a schedule where I make time to train 3-4 times a week. The hardest part is to eat clean. I love to eat. I’m a carb queen who loves her rice and pasta with cream sauce. I need to have better self-control to take in more of the better stuff and less junk.

In conclusion, I’d like to think that Fit N Fab is still in the baby phase. It is still growing, hence suggestions are welcome. Would you like to have a specific topic covered? Do you know a place to try out? Drop us a line or post a comment. I always read the comments on the posts that I write. Or perhaps, mention us at our Twitter account @fashionesedaily and use the hashtag #FitNFab. Don’t forget to check out our Fit N Fab sub-forum. You’ll meet your fellow FDers who take the journey to be healthier seriously.

I wish you all a Fit N Fab 2013, lovelies!