Getting Fit with Wii Fit


Why does a video game console worth a mention in Fashionese Daily? That is, because us ladies (and gents), are considering to incorporate some exercise into our routines. I personally stopped striving to be a size 2 (of which I’m not). I do, however, strive to have more energy during the day, so I don’t feel like needing to take a nap at 3pm. But then again, we always find excuses on why we can’t find the time to exercise for all the silly reasons (my favorite excuse: I’m too lazy to find parking at the gym).

What is Wii Fit?

Wii Fit is an exercise game in Nintendo Wii, using a proprietary tool called “Wii Balance Board”. It is called the Balance Board because the main theme of the Wii Fit is to improve overall fitness by way of developing better posture and balance.

How does it work?

The main component of the Wii Balance Board is the four sensors located in the four corners of the Balance Board. Inside these sensors is a strain gauge. Oversimplifying terms, the strain gauge works like a very thin stretch band (aka. “karet gelang”). The slightest pressure would strain the band (bayangkan menarik karet gelang), and a micrometer movement in the strain gauge will then be translated into how many kilograms of weight shifted. Uhm, yeah, something like that. Next!

What’s the deal?

Wii Fit worth considering because, for one, it actually contains meaningful exercises, like Yoga and Strength Training routines (I have not yet nailed the push-up-then-side-flank move). When you create your profile (or “Mii” as it is called in Wii), you will be asked to step on the Balance Board to obtain your initial assessment. The assessment consists of your BMI, and it also tells you which side you tend to lean on (being very unbalanced could worsen your posture). Finally, what is you “Wii Age” (calculated based on user’s user’s current age, weight, and balance).In addition, Wii Fit allows you to set a target (say, reduce 5 lbs in 4 weeks), and logs your progress and your “Wii Fit timer” (i.e., how much time you have spent in Wii Fit). As an added incentive and keep boredom at bay, Wii Fit will unlock new exercises at different points in the “Timer”.You are free to choose your exercise combination from all four of the categories (Yoga, Strength Training, Balance and Aerobics). It is recommended, however, to combine the components from each category.To top it off, you will feel less like exercising and more like playing game. And that, is analogoues to whipped cream on my cheesecake.Do adults really use this? Or is it just for weirdos who exercise using a game?I happened to be present in a living room where a 65 years old grandfather taking turns with his 6 and 9 years old grandsons playing Wii Fit. I did some research and found a couple of people actually doing experiment in losing weight and cutting on body fat. Click here for one experiment example.

Where do you get it?

Alright, this is the catch. Wii Fit is difficult to find at present. US Retailers are only stocking a few of Wii Fit sporadically. If you are willing to pay more than the MSRP, eBay and third party resellers have Wii Fit in stock at an inflated price. I was lucky enough to snag one just a couple dollars more than the MSRP. But this is a classic story with Nintendo Wii game consoles and several of the popular games. It almost seems that Nintendo on purposely does not make enough Wii Fit to meet the crazy demands.

I am still waiting for my nephews to update me on the availability of Wii Fit in Indonesia. I do anticipate that it will be available, probably at around 20% price difference than that in the United States.

Some links to check out

If you live in the United States, and would like to be alerted whenever Wii Fit is available, go to WiiAlerts and sign up there. You will be notified instantly via text message (SMS) and email when the system finds a retailer that carries Wii Fit. A word of warning though, you need to buy it as soon as you receive the alert. The average time it gets for the Wii Fit to be sold out is 3 minutes.

Bottom Line

I’m keeping my Wii Fit! It does require investment in time and money, but I guess I am willing to invest to push myself to be more active. My disclamer though: I am NOT saying that the exercise in Wii Fit would be the perfect substitute of a full blown exercise regimen. However, the first road block to exercising is how to start. I find myself thinking to reactivate my gym membership and getting out my Aerobics DVDs from the storage after 2 weeks doing Wii Fit.

Anybody has an experience using Wii Fit? Do share!

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