Today’s Outfit: Growing My Hair Long

For years and years, I’ve always kept my hair short. It’s mostly for practicality and also I think I look better with short hair. But since 2012 is the year of change for me, I’ve decided to try growing my hair long just to keep up with the theme :)

How is it working out for me so far? Well my hair has barely touched my shoulder so it is actually still in a pretty awkward phase. If I don’t style my hair correctly, it looks very messy (and not in a good “messy but sexy” way that other girls seem to be able to do). So everyday, I have to blowdry my hair after I wash it. But I am trying to enjoy the process. I have not been able to experiment much with my hair due to its limited length and now I can! I’ve also recently joined the GHD bandwagon following Wulan in this post and so far I am very happy with the result of using this incredible tool!

In this photo, I just got my hair trimmed by Bun from One Piece Hair Studio in Kuningan City. I also did a DIY hair color at home and styled my hair with GHD. What do you think? Not bad for an amateur like me, right? :D

Misch at Happy Go Lucky top / Alexaalexa skirt / Gexxy New York bag / Jefrrey Campbell pumps / Daniel Wellington watch / Various unbranded bracelets


Oh by the way, if you like experimenting with your hairstyles, don’t forget to take pictures and organize them at Clozette Daily, like I did!

  • sarsky

    I also try to grow my hair long. Since I have a wavy unstructured hair, the secret is keep blowdrying your hair. It’s a lot of work but it works :)

    • affi

      Yup, I also use hair rollers after blowdrying my hair and it works wonderfully :)

  • DesZeLL

    Love the skirt Affi :)

    • affi

      Thank you!

  • pablohoney

    Love your hair color, Affi. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve just cut mine and intend to keep it short at shoulder length. Can’t wait to see how you look with long hair :D

    • affi

      Hahah really? How do you like the short hair so far? I can’t wait for my medium length to cross over to the “long hair” category either :)

      • pablohoney

        I love it a lot! My head feels light, less hair loss, and it’s still just long enough for me to do a ponytail when I’m at the gym. And I feel more carefree (in and out) too! I’m going to keep this for a while :D

  • Miss Vintage

    Affi kurusan yaaah?? :p Are you growing you hair longer ? I like it at this length. Terlihat segar, cyiiiin… :D

    • affi

      Yes I am! Rencananya pengen lewat bahu dikit sih. Thank you yaaa :D

  • nisanisa

    I love your hair! :D
    Blowdry rambut tuh emang penting banget ya, tapi suka males deh hehe

  • muti

    affi…diy coloringnya sakseis deh…pake produk apa dan warna apakah ?

    • affi

      Nisanisa, Apalagi kalo buru2 ya. Sekarang gue udah menemukan cara baru tanpa ngeblow sih, yaitu pake…rol rambut! hihihi

      Muti Thank you mut! Ini pake Liese Bubble Hair Color warna Mocha Orange :)