Flat Iron – The Life Saver for Limp-Haired

My hair is naturally “gifted” (if you would mind my sarcasm) with very fine strands. I could walk out from a hair salon, with freshly-washed and blowed-out hair, just to find it living its limp appearance in a matter of two hours. Go back being straight and lifeless. It seems that I have tried everything – serums, foams, hairspray, perm, highlight, and several other methods claiming to help with limp hair. I am also the type of girl who does not like being in a hair salon except for special occasion and getting my bi-annual cut-and-highlight. I definitely do not like spending money on something that would go back to where it was two hours earlier. I had given up for a long time until one fine day Linda, or better known as silvershore_lake at the Female Daily Forum, introduced me to the flat iron.

I do have curling iron, in different sizes. I just can’t seem to learn to use it correctly and to achieve the salon-like results. When I saw the flat iron, I was very skeptical. I thought flat iron is made for people who want to straighten hair, and definitely not for those with “lepek” hair like me. Boy, I was proven wrong.

Ignoring my protests and skepticism about flat irons, Linda did my hair using her GHD Flat Iron. The result was beyond me. It never crossed my mind that a flat iron would actually help my limp hair to have more texture, and more voluminous. Most of the time, I do need extra help like hairspray and foam to help holding the shape longer, but hey, I am not complaining.

I find that using flat iron is much easier than curling iron, and I got the hang of it pretty quickly after several tries. Furthermore, having to be able to style your hair yourself without having to go to the salon is very economical, and much, much more convenient. No waiting either.

Some tips that I learn from my flat iron master:

  • Invest in hair protector serum to protect your hair strand. Linda uses one from Kerastase Ciment Thermique.
  • Always allow your hair to completely dry before using the flat iron. This is actually my first lesson-learned.
  • Practice. As with most devices, flat irons require some practice to really get the hang of it. And you do it faster and faster too. If my clumsy-self can do it, you can too.
  • If you have severe limp-ness situation like I do, I would recommend putting on some volume foam on damp hair before hair-drying it as usual. After it is completely dried, curl your hair with the flat iron, and then for every several curls, use hairspray lightly. I love nopai’s hairspray by Silhouette. Keep working until you have done your whole hair. This method really helps my hair keeps its shape.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique

I am pretty happy that I came across the flat iron. It really does miracles for my lifeless hair. While I don’t curl my hair every day (I just don’t have the time, and my office hours start earlier than most), now I make time to style my hair on weekends and special occasion without paying for a salon’s service or even stepping outside my home. I’m a happy camper.

You can find very good tutorials on YouTube (search term: “curling hair with flat iron”). I like this tutorial by Jen, a beauty blogger. As a reference, flat irons are widely sold in electronic stores. I ordered mine – GHD Gold Professional 1” Styler Vintage Glamour LE – from the US. It’s a bit expensive, $180 + tax + shipping to Indonesia via a trusted pre-order seller, but I consider it a well-worth spending, considering you can spend IDR 100,000 and up (plus tips) for a regular blow-dry at the salon. It’s now also available in Indonesia from few salon but still hard to find, Anna Wijaya and May May salon are two stockists that we’ve heard carry GHD so far. Even if you like going to the salon to get your hair done, you’ll get a peace of mind knowing that you always have a back-up plan of styling the hair yourself when the occasion calls for it.

Have you tried saving the life out of your limp hair using flat iron? Or are you now willing to consider using one? Share us your thoughts!

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  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=mo'i moi

    Baru tau kalo pake flat iron rambut harus kering dulu. Biasanya rambut masih setengah basah, langsung hajar flat iron.
    Ngaruh bgt ya, Wulan?

    • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=wulan wulan

      iya moi, ga boleh basah. haris kering-ring

    • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=wulan wulan

      iya moi, ga boleh basah. harus kering-ring

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