Holiday Gift Ideas – For Her

Time flies SO FAST.  I still remember how I spent my first night in 2012, watching the fireworks because literally, it’s everywhere.  I still remember the road was full of crowd.  I could tell people was full of excitement.  So much fun.   And now, I spotted some people doing their Christmas and New Year Count Down. What?!  Already?!  Okay then, so that means holiday is coming, and it would be great if we can give a special gift for our loved ones.

In this article, I’ll put ideas for you to choose.  If you want to buy a gift for your mom, sister, aunt, girlfriend, colleague, or any women that you love, you should read this article until the end. I promise you will get some ideas.

1.  Makeup Palettes

Of course for Beauty Junkies out there, they will dance if you give it to them.  But, who doesn’t love receiving a palette as a gift, seriously?  Women love makeup palette!  But yes, this makeup palettes are probably a little bit expensive, because if you really want to give someone a good quality makeup palette, then you’ll spend more money.   What you pay is what you get, indeed.  I would love to accept  a gift if that’s Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette ($50), the latest one – Urban Decay Naked Basics ($27), Too Faced Smokey Eye Collection ($36), and NYX offers palettes that are more affordable if you see how many eye shadows, blushes, and the other products that you’ll get, let’s see, in NYX Soho Glam Collection ($30), you’ll get everything you need.  Of course  Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Lancome and other famous brands also have amazing palettes for you to choose.

2.  Makeup Brushes

Pardon me, this is still in the beauty category, but I couldn’t help myself to include this one.  A great quality brush kit will help women to create a stunning makeup look.  For makeup brushes, hands down, my top three favourites are Sigma,  M.A.C and Real Techniques brushes.  Some people might think it’s silly to spend money on brushes, but great brushes can stay with you for years.  I call it an investment, ladies.  Maybe you can buy her a travel kit which is cheaper than the complete full- sized kit.  If I wanted to buy makeup brushes for someone, I’d pick one of these three – Real Techniques Starter Set ($18), Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit ($65) and the famous “couple” from M.A.C, 239 ($25) and 217 ($23).

3.  Accessories, Bag, and Jewelry

Buying a dress or shoes might be tricky.  If you don’t know for sure, I mean , 100% sure about the size, don’t buy it. For example, in one store I can buy size 40 shoes, but in other store, my feet don’t fit the size 40 shoes at all.  The same thing goes with buying a dress, blouse, etc.  So, the safest option is buying accessories or jewelry.  Bangles, necklaces, scarves, sunglasses and bags are some great options. They don’t need the exact measurement and those are things that women will wear and use almost every single day.  For example, this Lyndra Snakeskin bag (IDR 360,000), Kate Spade Scallop Thin Bangle ($48) or VNC Sunglasses (IDR 109,000).

4. Fragrance, Bath and Body Gift Set

It may look very simple, but it shows you care about her even for her scent, bath and body stuff! Does it make any sense? :D  The Body Shop has gift sets which are already wrapped in a cute box.   I think  Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift (IDR 239,000) is a good option.  Or you can get one full size perfume from her favourite brand or a set of mini perfumes for her.  That would be nice, too.  Katy Perry Purr Gift Set (around $60) and Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh (around $78).

5. Gadget-related Gift

Now this type of gift might be great for gadget chicks, but it will cost you a lot of money.  Giving a gadget as a gift would be a nice surprise for her for sure.  I’m eyeing iPad mini ($329 – $529), although it didn’t come with the latest technology from Apple, but the size is perfect. Nokia Lumia 920 (IDR 6,499,000)  is also a great option, you can read my post about it here.  And if you have a limited budget, buy her a phone case (but make sure it’s a great one, don’t buy cepe dapet tiga), find her favourite color to start. Or you can buy her a power bank (around IDR 270,000) which is a very handy thing to bring everywhere.

If you have more holiday gift ideas, please share with all of us in the comment box below. I can’t wait for the holiday! :D