Why I’m Eyeing the New Windows 8 Mobile Phone

It feels like we’re witnessing a never-ending battle in the technology industry. But I love it! That means big companies are always bringing something new, something innovative for all of us. Nowadays, I think almost everyone uses a smartphone every day. Indeed it helps us tremendously in our daily life, from the fun to most important stuff; from playing games to navigate with GPS.

When I found out that Microsoft also brought Windows 8 in mobile phone, I thought that was nice. It would be a new level of battle among the three big companies. Let’s be frank in here, what I see is iOS and Android still dominating the market. I only have one friend who uses Windows Phone. As of the rest of them, you can guess. But I always have my hands open for new things; I wanted to know what makes Windows Phone 8 so special. When I attended the launch of Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, of course I hid my Android phone. Just kidding. :D I was glad I attended the event because now I know more about Windows 8 Mobile Phone and ready to share some interesting information with you.

The most obvious difference in Windows 8 Mobile Phone is they have this “Live Tiles”. To be honest, sometimes I think my smartphone’s icons are boring. I think it’ll be a very long time before I get bored with this Live Tiles. The tiles have the ability to move around, hence the name. We can see a very attractive and interactive “desktop”. We can also organize what we want to put on the screen.

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 have these new features that made my jaw drop. First, it’s the camera. They’ve adopted PureView camera technology with Optical Image Stabilization and Carl Zeiss Optics which make for great photo and video results. I saw it with my own eyes when they did a little demo, taking a photo in a low light, and I couldn’t help myself to take out my phone, and comparing the result. Oh boy, I don’t know how, but Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 are able to capture more light. Very impressive and it’s going to be very useful for me who love to take tons of photos, not to mention their amazing display! Lumia 920 uses Nokia Puremotion HD+ for its 4.5 inch screen IPS. With this technology, ladies, you can touch the screen with gloves or with your nails, as the screen is super sensitive. Don’t worry about scratching the screen because Lumia 920 and 820’s screens are coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

The second features that I love is Nokia Maps. I admit that I’ve been getting lost a lot lately; a common problem if you’re used to use taxi or public transportations and when you have to drive by yourself, you have no idea where to go. This application features turn by turn navigation. This feature also provides Indoor Maps. Let’s say if I went to Kota Kasablanka, I wouldn’t get lost or waste time walking around to find one boutique because Indoor Maps will help me show everything that I want to know. The great thing about this feature is that it doesn’t reduce your mobile network data. You’ll just need to download your city and country to Lumia.

The third feature that caught my eyes the most is City Lens. This is genius!  Basically, City Lens will help us figure out almost every interesting and fun places in the city. It utilizes the camera and maps with augmented reality technology. What we have to do after choosing this application is point the camera anywhere you want, and then you’ll find some information around that area. It could be a bar, restaurant, book store, etc.

If you have kids, or nieces and nephews, Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 have Kid’s Corner to help you relax. You know that moment when your kid’s playing with your phone and you can’t take your eyes off it because you’re afraid the important things will be gone, right? Kid’s Corner is a saviour! This feature from Microsoft gives you full control to allow and set certain applications for your kids, so they can only enjoy whatever you provide them. No more accidentally deleted emails. :)

Another great thing about these Windows 8 phones is that they already have “built in” applications such as Microsoft Office that will make us stay organized, Skype, Garuda Indonesia and Blue Bird Group. Sure there are more applications from our local developers that you can get in your Lumia. Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 also have “gears” like Wireless Charging DT-900 and JBL Power up Speaker (you can listen to music while charging your Lumia if you put it on top of a speaker).

Lumia 820 and JBL Power Up Speaker


Now the fun part about Lumia 920 is that it offers more colors than just the typical black and white. Using polycarbonate, the device itself feels strong and sleek at the same time. Whereas Lumia 820 has seven different glossy back cover colors which you can change whenever you want.


Lumia 920 Color Range

Argh, I want the yellow Lumia 920 *writing it down on my wish list* :p Lumia 920 retails for IDR 6,499,000 and Lumia 820 retails for IDR 4,999,000. Until 16 December, you’ll get cashback if you join the pre-order (terms and conditions applied). For more details click www.switchtolumia.com

So what do you think? Are you ready to make the switch?