JFW 2013: 4 New Designers & Labels to Watch Out For

For me personally, fashion shows from the students or alumnus of a fashion school are the ones I most want to see. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see new talents flourishing from these kind of shows. I still remember two years ago when I first saw Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan’s design at the JFW 2010/2011 La Salle show – the sharp design and tailoring really is something to remember. At the same show, I also saw the girly and playful design of Argyle & Oxford. From then on, I’d always make a mental note to attend the shows held by fashion schools at JFW.

Here are the five designers who need to be under your radar from now on. They each have their own characteristics, but what makes them noticeable for me was that the consistency they brought in for the whole looks in the collection. There’s a common theme in each of the look to make it seem like they actually belong to the same collection. I think that’s one of the hardest things to do, connecting the dots. Also, the detail and innovation that they put into the collection play a big part. Most of those that caught my attention is the ready-to-wear, because I love fashion that is not just beautiful to look at but also wearable.


1. Peggy Hartanto and her collection titled ‘Unseen’ creates curvy silhouette with the help of see-through material combined with white and black garment. Very breathtaking. And it’s actually a dress that Peggy herself would wear! Of course, dresses like these can only be worn with those with a perfect body shape, but then again, if she can create something this beautiful, I’m pretty sure she can create something that is more appealing to a wider audience maintaining the same design aesthetic. Peggy said that creating her own line is something that is already on her plan. I’ll be watching her very closely.

2. Nine-12 is a label founded by Dian Aisyah that was launched during last year’s JFW. I must’ve missed the show because I really couldn’t remember seeing her collection at all. With a sophisticated style, classic fabric and something that is very wearable and chic, I’m pretty sure this label would win the heart of many easily. Especially, those who prefer a ladylike style but want something with a twist.


3.  The brand KLAUS is no new player. Klaus is the brainchild of three designers: Cynthia, Emily and Veronika. Through this collection titled ‘Finesse of the Far East’ they touch on the romantic and poetic side of fashion. If my memory serves me right, this collection is quite different from their past ones, as seen on their website. It’s more … poetic! And there’s an element, probably the way the pieces move and not just the colour palette, that link one look to the other. This one is by far my favourite look from the whole collection. Each piece can be worn separately and together to create a story.


4. Jii is another label that deserves to be on the watch list. Though there are several looks on the ‘Willow Blues’ collection that can be executed better, overall it’s a well thought out and executed collection. Jii was started by a 21-year-old  Gloria Agatha. When she was 17, Gloria sold her design from one bazaar to the other. I think now is the perfect time for her to make her mark in Indonesia’s fashion foray.


Let’s see which of these four will take off first. I will definitely going to keep a close eye on these four designers.