JFW 10/11 Day 5: La Salle Brought Different Structures to the Stage

Another alumnus collection from a renown Fashion Design School was previewed on the fifth day of the JFW 10/11, this time around is from LaSalle College International. I enjoy the grand parade from established fashion designers at the JFW, but I’m most excited to see the new and uprising designers collection because they give a breath of fresh air to the industry. I love to see what new options are out there, that’s why after seeing the ESMOD alumnus show a day before, this is one show that I’m looking forward too.

There were 8 designers showcasing their collections that day. The collection from 02M from Sarah Callista and  Magistus House by Magistus Miftah kind of lost me. 02M collection was dominated by black and I couldn’t grasp the concept to wear it although I must say I like what she has done in the past. Maybe because the collection titled Gnosis supposed to depict reverse engineering and liquid technology which are all sounds very hi-tech so it really clearly portray it. Whereas Magistus House collections feels really dark and it’s menswear.

On the contrary, collection from Argyle & Oxford by Velda & Rebecca as well as Andita Siswandi give an innocence portrayal. Argyle & Oxford collections gives a glimpse to Adolescence with A Twist where the colours chosen was dominated by cute pastels, there’s a unique touch at every piece and most of the pieces are done loose to give the adolescent taste. Whereas Daddy’s Little Girl collection by Andita Siswandi shows cocktail dresses in a flirty feminine look, where it really brings you back to your childhood memory.

Argyle & Oxford

There were also feminine touch done by Lime Garden by Gayatri Adria and Chitra Utami and Atelier Maha by Soko Wiyanto. Where Lime Garden bring us a cocktail wear with flowy silhouette inspired by the colour of nature then Atelier Maha brought a more couture take to the runway.

Lime Garden

But the starts of them all to me are the strong structure shown by SeaM by Krista Rompas and Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan. In SeaM collection which is inspired by the daring and mysterious old Hollywood mafia themed movie, we’re given a strong cut with a feminine tailoring. Think about fitted suit and full length skirt in a black faux leather. Whereas Yosafat’s collection which is inspired by the skyscrappers in Jakarta was depicted through domination of black and grey which blur the line between architecture and fashion. Special note was given to Wed’s which beautify Yosafat’s models feet with a fierce shoes! I’m bound to find the shoe designer. Can’t stop thinking about the shoe!