The Ultimate Luxury (Creams)

How much are you willing to pay for a face cream? You would be surprise that many women out there pay millions for their face cream! When I mean millions, I wasn’t even referring to the famous Creme De La Mer, which at its hefty price tag is actually only the tip of the iceberg for luxurious creams. Some even say, it can’t even be categorised as one. We’ve written once before on luxurious creams, but recently I came across more brands that are brave enough to brought the piece of luxury to our shore.

Let’s start with the cheapest one (can’t exactly call them cheap, but you know what I mean :p) and down to the most expensive one.

SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream (Rp 2,400,000)

If you think SK-II is a luxurious enough when it comes to skincare label, then the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream is the ultimate luxury of them all. It’s the mother of all creams in SK-II with all the goodness combine to achieve ‘Your Best Skin’. With its cutting-edge formula combining 15 unique and powerful ingredients. It contains 8X Pitera, their powerful ingredient which has proven its benefit to our skin and completed with Rose absolute. To keep the skin to stay moist and supple, Marine Fennel Plant extract is also included within this cream. The cream works to enhance skin’s vitality and structure as well as maintaining the skin’s condition over time.

The result is a very creamy cream that will be able to give you day-long hydration. The cream comes with a spatula, all you need is a pearl sized drop of the cream for the whole face. Warm it up first in your hands before you smooth it over to your entire face.

Rumour has it that it’s also the cream that Pat McGrath used to create Rooney Mara‘s radiant skin in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Cle De Peau Beaute La Creme (Rp 5,700,000)

This luxurious cream has gained a very good review at Make Up Alley. Many people vouch that it’s well worth its hefty price tag. It claims to have have powerful anti-ageing benefits, gives overnight result and it’s created with a cutting edge emulsification technology that’s able to produce a luxurious texture of cream and able to deliver far better efficacy.

Overnight result might be too ambitious, but there are several reviews that I’ve read which stated that they see significant improvement in terms of the texture and elasticity overnight. Waking up to a luminous skin is like a dream come true and perhaps this is just the cream to make it happen.

Contains proprietary ingredient 4MSK exclusive to Cle de Peau Beaute which helps to brighten your skin and inhibits melanin activation. Retinol ACE to counter your skin’s aging, W-TC Complex to improve the metabolism of your epidermal cell, Cornflower (Centaurea Cyanus) extract to promote the production of protein and Wintergreen (Pyrola Incarnate) extract to prevent damage both useful for the skin’s membrane. Also included in this creme is Chai Hu extract known for its ability to increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and Saxifraga extract to fight against free radicals and inhibit further melanin formation.

Kanebo Impress Granmula Cream (Rp 10,900,000)

If you’ve heard about Kanebo Sensai Premium Cream that is already known to be very expensive, than this one costs twice as much than that one. But it’s said to come with everything that cream has plus even better ingredients. The cream consists of four quasi-drug ingredients that has been developed by Kanebo for almost a decade. I’ve heard the term quasi-drug in several skincare lines launched recently, it’s basically medications that are milder than regular drugs and can be purchased without medical expert’s advice. But that is a topic for another time altogether.

The Grandmula cream has grand formula (hence the name) which includes not one but three active ingredients, they are Bisamine to help repair skin’s texture, Carnitine that will help to control skin’s cell cycle and help promote growth and renewal of the skin’s cell and Magnoliganane or Rhododenol that helps to inhibit the growth of melanin. Like the other in the market, it promises an instant result and protect and better your skin’s condition in the long run.

Other than that, this cream also contains ingredients to improve skin’s firmness, resiliency, moisture and maintain its texture and suppleness. But the highlight of this cream is the claim to achieve a radiant and luminous cream that every women wants. Frankly speaking, I personally haven’t touched nor have any information yet about this cream so I’m still in the dark about this one.

Menard Authent (Rp 11,000,000)

Targeted to fight the signs of ageing, Menard recently released their newest cream called Menard Authent. I’ve heard about this for quite sometime, that Menard all over the world have waiting list for the demand of this product. This cream sells quite well in Europe because its proven efficacy, despite the very expensive price.

This cream is the byproduct of years of research to find an effective way to fight signs of ageing. How? That is to create new stem cells that will allow the change in skin’s condition, thus allowing your skin’s condition to get better. Menard laboratories tried hundreds of combination when they finally found the three combination of plant extracts proven to be an effective ‘food’ to nurture the stem cells in our bodies, they are extracts of the seeds of sweet cherry, boat sterculia and purple barley. By feeding the stem cells the nutrients they need they will be able to skin’s condition and not only that but also producing stem cells.

During the launch of this cream which I attended, we were shown a video of an ageing lady who have sagging skin with lots of deep wrinkles. This lady was given a Menard Authent cream for the period of 3 months, of which the development was being documented. It was shown how the sagging and deep wrinkles condition were able to be treated during this period, significantly if I might add. Menard cited that during the first period of use, 95% of respondent felt immediate difference in their skin and after a month of use 84% feel improvement with their wrinkle condition and 98% felt increase in skin elasticity.




Did you notice that all of the creams that I mentioned above are all Japanese? Well, it’s not that western brands don’t own their version of luxury creams. La Prairie Platinum Rare Cream, Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Recreation, Sisley Sisleya Extra Rich Cream and Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream are some of the creams that really make you want to faint upon hearing their prices.

Out of the four creams that I have briefly described above, they all have something in common, other than the bottle that seems to be all gold, they’re targeting in anti-ageing care, providing extra hydration and help to make the texture and appearance of your skin’s better. On top of that, brightening effect is something that all products offer, of course being made by Japanese cosmetic company, brightening and ageing product actually go hand-in-hand. In Asian women, the first signs of ageing also include darkening of skin and spots. The creams are all extra hydrating and feel ultra rich. They offer solution to wide range of problems in just a bottle, it’s moisturizer, serum and eye cream all combined in one tub. Of course they come with top of the line ingredients and some even proprietary ones.

Do they really work? I don’t really know, maybe I should just give them a try? But at the current state (age and skin’s condition) I don’t know whether I can really give them an objective review. I would suspect that they will all feel very nourishing.

But I believe, the perfect skin doesn’t only comeswith a cream that cost almost the same like your house’s monthly installment (or even more) but it comes with discipline of taking care of your skin’s from early age and keep taking care of it every single day without fail. But that is not all, as we’ve mentioned here before, it’s also all in your lifestyle. However, in case you start late and don’t have the lifestyle to support it, before you try cosmetic surgery or Botox, maybe you can give one of these creams a try.