The Quest of Luxurious Cream

Face and body cream has become an absolute necessity for woman nowadays. Stumbled upon a department store, I can’t help but to be puzzled at the options of so many creams: firming, moisturizing, lightening, exfoliating, age-delaying, whitening, and so many other functions that I never knew my skin would need.

But how much would one be willing to spend for a cream? Do I really need these products? Would these product works? Forbes released the 14 top lists of the most expensive cream (cream’s caviar); with a 600 USD/ounce cream topping the chart, whereas the last one of the list has the swooping rate of 300 USD/ ounce. Guess what? Crème de la Mer, the supposedly top of the crop of cream’s, is not even included in the list. Among the brand included in the list are: Sisley, Kanebo’s Sensai, N.V. Perricone, and Amore Pacific. Most of these creams are age delaying products, and compared to the price of plastic surgery, these prices are nothing to compare with.

I ended up buying one of the caviar’s cream and managed to see some changes, though not significantly. In the end, these creams are helpful, but the pursuit of a clear, bright, wrinkle free skin is beyond buying the luxurious cream; it needs a lifetime of a lifestyle change. One could have the same effect of applying the skin cream with having enough water and sleep, followed with a healthy regiment of food supplement. Given the options, which way do I choose? I would still end up buying the luxurious cream, because I simply could not give up the luxury of my cigarette and dark coffee; along with my sleepless working night.

What about you, would you buy the cream’s caviar?