Get More Than 15 Styles from 1 Dress

Multi-way fashion items, especially dress, always sound interesting for me. I imagine I will always have something to wear with such dress. So when Deszell told me that there’s  American Apparel dress that can create more than 15 styles from it, I Googled to see how it looks.

The good news is, American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress (Rp 450,000) is available at Debenhams Indonesia. I also found that Debenhams Indonesia’s Twitter account (@DebenhamsIND) once posted some pictures of the dress recently to show the various styles you can get.

From American Apparel official website, I found that this dress not only can create 15 styles, but it’s also available in so many colors. There are 32 colors of this dress as I saw from the page, ranging from the basics like black, white, grey, beige to bright colors such as pink, turquoise, yellow. You name it, they have it. As for the sizing, the dress comes in XS to XL.

Here are some of the styles that this dress can create:

You can also see the tutorial video to learn how to create 15 styles from this dress.

So what do you think girls?