Brightening & Whitening Skincare for Beginner

What kind of skin do you think most women in Indonesia want? Sadly, most women want a whiter complexion. According to L’Oreal U&A Female Skincare 2008, around 68% of women in Indonesia wants a brighter and whiter skin. I believe a healthy and even tone complexion is very important. You don’t necessarily need to have a white skin to have a healthy looking skin.

However, living in a tropical country and being exposed to the UV rays all the time, our skin are prone to become much darker than our natural tone. We need to continually protect it by using sunscreen and also when you see visible hyperpigmentation on your skin, spots and uneven complexion you will need to treat it. According to Alain Khaiat, Ph. D, a consultant with Singapore-based Seers Consulting during the launching of Elure Advanced Skin Whitening that in Asian women the early sign of aging is including the darkening complexion, hyperpigmentation and dullness.

It’s no surprise that many skincare brands came up with whitening and brightening products for the Asian market. These skincare lines usually targeted to slow down, reduce and block the melanin production which is responsible for skin colouring. Usually spots and hyperpigmentation are caused because of the excess production of melanin which leads to uneven skintone and our face losing its shine. There are many products available in the market if you have concerns mentioned above, from the drugstore products, department store ones to luxury brands. Each one comes with their own claim but truth be told the result of each product varied to the person’s skin condition and lifestyle. You can’t expect a whiter and paler skin just from the use of skincare product. What you can get, once again I must emphasize, a brighter and healthier looking skin.

I have been to so many product launches with the tag ‘brightening’ and ‘lightening’ lately, I thought I’ll make up a whole post about it. Since there are couple of products that I’ll be reviewing, so I’ll break down the post into three articles. First up, lets start with the affordable category first :)

L’Oreal White Perfect

This line has been around for a while but they’ve just perfected the formula. With Melanin-Vanish that is 50x stronger in blocking the formulation of melanain by way of slowing down melanogenesis where the process of melanin formulation is happening. This product will also help lift up all the dead skin cells from your skin so that your face will look brighter and healthier.

The cream is very light and not oily at all so it will be perfect for all skin type. The day cream contains SPF 17 PA+++ which is the minimum that you will need to protect you from further damaged cause by the UV rays.

The good news is that, this product is safe to be used for pregnant women because Dian Sastro used it when she was pregnant herself.

Product Line: The line consist of L’Oreal White Perfect Foam in 50 ml (Rp 14,900) and 100 ml (Rp 29,000), White Perfect Scrub Foaming 100 ml (Rp 36,600), White Perfect Toner 200 ml (Rp 70,900), White Perfect Rosy Day Cream 20 ml (Rp 39,100) and 50ml (Rp 84,900) and also White Perfect Night Cream 50 ml (Rp 97,900).

Perfect for: Those that seek for skincare that are targeted to solve uneven tone and hyperpigmentation problem only.

L’Oreal Revitalift White

This product promises to help fight the 15 signs of aging that is often complained by women. It’s going to be a lengthy list, but bear with me:

  1. Make your face look more radiant
  2. Brighten
  3. Lessen dullness
  4. Help the diminish spots
  5. Even out your complexion
  6. Keep your skin elasticity
  7. Diminish the appearance of fine lines
  8. Diminish the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and eyebrows area
  9. Diminish fine lines in the area of forehead
  10. Diminish the appearance of fine line in the area of nose and lips
  11. Maintain the elasticity of the skin in the jaw area
  12. Maintain the elasticity of the skin in the neck area
  13. Help skin cells regeneration process
  14. Maintain skin moisture level
  15. Protect your skin against UV rays

If you’re familiar with L’Oreal anti aging line Revitalift, then the name of the product which is L’Oreal Revitalift White wouldn’t be foreign at all. It’s one drugstore product that has proven its quality. With this new product you get the benefit of the anti aging care that the Revitalift line provided with the added brightening effect that will help you fight the 15 signs of aging mentioned above. This product contains Pro-Retinol A that will helps skin’s regeneration process and Vitamin B to slow down the melanin build up and lighten black spots. The day cream contains SPF 18 that will help to protect the skin from UVB rays.

Perfect for: Those in early 30s and above or that have experienced the early sign of aging on top of their uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation problem.

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals

I wouldn’t go much into details with this product, because Rizka have written an extensive review on Pond’s White Beauty Naturals. I don’t think it’s fair to not mention this skincare line when we talk about affordable brightening skincare range. This product contains camellia leaf extract that contained catechin or EGCG  that is useful to slow down the melanin production by tyrosine enzyme that causes our skin to be darker. Other than that, this property is also an antioxidant that can protect our skin from free radicals. White Beauty Naturals also contained Vitamin B3.

Product line: Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam, Day Cream and Night Cream.

Perfect for: Those in their youth that are experiencing change in their skin and starts to feel environmental stress caused their skin to look dull. This line will be perfect to maintain the skin in times of change where the skin starts to mature up and keep it bright and healthy.