Get Healthy and Bright Skin Naturally

What comes from the nature is always good, especially to keep our skin healthy. When the skin is healthy, it will look beautiful and bright. On the other hands, when the skin is in an unhealthy condition, it will look dull. One of the causes of dullness in skin is uneven pigmentation. So, we need lightening product to combat uneven pigmentation, just like Pond’s lightening skincare.

I was quite excited to come to Pond’s White Beauty Naturals event last week in Atrium Fountain Area of Grand Indonesia shopping town. Pond’s White Beauty, the well-known lightening skincare, now just launches their new variant called Pond’s White Beauty Naturals and contains camellia leaf extract. The new Pond’s White Beauty Naturals contains camellia leaf extract and Vitamin B3. Camellia leaf has a special component in it called catechin or EGCG. According to some research conducted by Pond’s Institute, EGCG is useful to slow down melanin production by tyrosine enzyme that causes skin to be darker. EGCG is also an antioxidant that protects skin from free-radical damage and prevents the skin to look dull. Moreover, camellia leaf extract also gives soothing effect to the skin so it will feel comfortable to wear it during the day, even under sun exposure. Vitamin B3 makes skin look brighter by locking up melanin production beneath the skin.

“With the increasing pollution level in Indonesia, antioxidant supply is needed to protect us from harmful effect of pollution and also direct exposure of sunlight that cause the skin to look dull. For teens with skin that still changes, we recommend to start treating it with skincare products that give protection from free-radical damage. Skincare products made of natural ingredient is the right choice for them,” said Eddy Karta SpKK, a dermatologist, during the launch of Pond’s White Beauty Naturals.

You can get all the above benefits from Pond’s White Beauty Naturals series that ranged from Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam to cleanse and exfoliate as the initial step on your skincare; Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream with camellia leaf extract, Vitamin B3 and double UV protection; and Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Night Cream that works in the deep layers of your skin while you sleep at night. Thankfully, I got all those products to try so I can share my experience of using them.

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam states that it cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. It has very soft granules that don’t scratch the skin at all. It also cleanses my skin well from any grease and dirt. However, I still need to clean up my face with milk cleanser before the facial foam when I wear makeup. For my dry skin, after washing my face with this product, my face feels a bit dry and tight. But after applying Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream or Night Treatment right after washing, my skin feels moist and supple again.

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream contains camellia leaf extract and double UV protection. I like the texture, which is quite, smooth and can easily be spread on my skin. The cream was absorbed right away so there is no oily residue. I feel that it provides enough moisture for my dry skin. I also like how the cream is a good moisturizer before wearing makeup, unlike some lightening cream that can’t blend well with my foundation.

To complete the skincare routine, I use Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Night Treatment that works while I sleep. The texture is rich enough for my dry skin and it keeps my skin moist until I wake up in the morning.

The result? In the first few days using Pond’s White Beauty Naturals range, my skin already appeared brighter than before. Of course it’s still too soon to see a more dramatic result, given I’ve only been using it for a week, but so far my skin is loving the products and I feel better knowing my skin receives a good protection from the harms of free radicals.