Stylish Laptop Bag from YS Bag

Are you tired of carrying ugly laptop bag with you all across town? Or even tired of carrying two bags with you at all times because not only you carry your extra large bag (admit it, all women are guilty of this crime!) but you need to also carry your laptop bag with you *sigh*

I will definitely say yes to all of the above.

Remember the brown faux leather laptop bag that I used on this Today’s Outfit picture? That day, Affi and I needed to go to Kota Tua to check a venue for our upcoming event, but knowing the traffic on that side of the town we decided to take Trans Jakarta. The problem is, I needed to carry my laptop with me but I don’t want to carry too much stuff because I will be on foot most of the time. Luckily, I had the YS Bag to carry with me.

The brown faux leather bag has a sleeve inside that can fit laptop up to 14″ wide.It also has compartments for phone and room to put my other stuff. So I can fit everything into one bag! The good thing about this bag is that it doesn’t look ugly, it looks just like any normal bag but it has soft padding inside which will secure your laptop nicely within the bag.

YS Bag offers you with a variety of fashionable laptop bags that will be perfect if laptop is included in one of the items that you need to carry daily. Like I said above, their bag has compartments to put your phone and other stuff as well as documents.

Too bad the brown faux leather bag is already sold out, but I also found this black faux croco with long shoulder strap that will help you to carry all that weight. It’s in black so it looks versatile and the price is quite affordable too. It’s now on sale for Rp 275,000! To see more of their collection you can visit their website or Facebook.