A Mystery in the Old Town

Last week Affi and I went to the other part of Jakarta where we rarely visited. This part of our town have a lot of old buildings from the colonial era where they stand filled with history and stories to tell. If you’re wondering why were we venturing this far into the city, we were checking out the venue for our next event. It’s going to be big and lot of fun! There will also be a “mystery” soon to be revealed in this part of Jakarta. We can’t tell you what it is yet, but trust us, it’s something you’d want to see.

Can you guess where we were? Seeing at all the pictures above don’t you think it’s going to be an exciting place to hold an event? Any thought or guess on what we’re going to hold here?

This is what Affi and I wore during that day. We were trying to be as practical as possible since we’re traveling with Trans Jakarta and there was a lot of walking involved.

  • Top: Chic Simple
  • Pants: Next
  • Shawl: Custom made
  • Bag: Tote bag from Kiehl’s
  • Shoes: Toko Dua Amoi

  • Dress: Zara
  • Belt: Mango
  • Bag: YS Laptop Bag
  • Shoes: Tory Burch