These Photos are Not Retouched!

We all know that Make Up For Ever HD products are top of the line. I’m a big fan of their HD Powder and Microfinish Blush and if you visit the foundation thread in Female Daily forum, you’ll see endless raves of MUFE HD foundations.

But Make Up For Ever wanted to make a stronger statement by releasing a campaign called “HD Not Retouched”. It’s quite self-explanatory. They feature an ad showing 4 ladies in different makeup styles, posing as if they were taking their own pictures using cell phone camera. It looks like a regular beauty ad at a glance but when you pay closer attention, you’ll know that these photos were not digitally retouched at all, it has even been certified by notary public.

Make Up For Ever said that they’re thrilled to show women that they can look perfect both in front of the lens and in their everyday lives by choosing products that deliver professional result and can stand up to modern technology.

These 4 models, who each has different skin tone, were wearing full range HD products and I have to admit, even without digital alteration, their makeup looks flawless.

Make Up For Ever also launched a new microsite: where you can learn more about this campaign, watch behind the scene video, as well as learn how to get the makeup looks of the models. There’s also a cool interactive game where you are shown a great video and you are asked to guess which models have been retouched and which are not.

Anyway, like I said before, we, FD girls, need no convincing. We know HD products are awesome :D But it’s still interesting to see a beauty brand finally stepping up and put money where their mouth is. I would like to see more beauty campaigns like these, where the models look real with all the little imperfections, especially those that are advertising mascara!

What do you think girls?