Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Blush

Don’t underestimate this small thing because inside, there’s a magic potion ready to turn you into a pretty goddess!

Okay, I was exaggerating :P But only a bit, because Make Up For Ever High Definition Microfinish Cream Blush is my favorite blush! For now, at least ;)

It’s the latest addition to the popular MUFE HD range and was recently launched in Indonesia.

As the name clearly stated, it is a cream bush, although the texture is more like thick lotion than cream. It comes in a small pump bottle. But you only need a very small amount of this cream to make both of your cheeks radiant. I always to try to squirt as little product as possible whenever I use it, smaller than pea size, but it is still too much and I end up having ‘leftover’ on my hand. It’s probably the only thing I’m not too fond of about the packaging, the pump just makes it hard to control the amount you want and you keep getting too much wasted. But on the other hand, I think a bottle of this blush will last you a very long time and now I understand why they don’t make the bottle bigger although I won’t mind if it comes in a lower price point :)

The application is relatively easy as it is blendable. You could do it either using a brush or your fingers. I dot the cream on my cheeks and blend it outwards towards the temple. It’s quite pigmented so make sure you don’t put too much. The finish is what I love the most about this blush because it’s natural and looks like it’s coming from within, almost see-through, instead of sit on top of your face. Very pretty!

I was also surprised to find that it is also long lasting. I don’t put any powder blush on top and it usually lasts me around 6-7 hours without fading at all.

The shade I have is #6 which is described as coral. On my skin it’s more like salmon, peachy pink shade and I think it is the kind of shade that suits most skintone. There are 14 shades available, although when I look at them, most of them are in the peach-brown range, maybe because these shades are what people normally wear. If you love brighter colors, you only have about3-4 shades to choose from but if you, like me, tend to look for shades that are natural and similar to the color of your cheeks when you blush naturally, then I’m very sure you can find one (or two, or three!) that suits you the most.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Cream Blush retails for Rp. 325.000 and available in all Make Up For Ever counters nationwide.