A New Hair Style from One Piece

Remember the Hair Makeover article I wrote last week? I finally cut my hair! Cutting my long hair to shorter length (although it’s still a medium length now) has been on my agenda for quite sometime. But I haven’t found the courage to do so for a very long time. So last Friday when I finally did it, it’s kind of a relief for me. Now that I finally had the haircut, it kind of gave me a positive vibe and it makes me feels like I will own this year :)

I went to the recently opened One Piece Hair Studio located at the ground floor of Sogo, Central Park. I booked an appointment with the international director, Yuta in advance so I know his availability and to secure myself a time prior to my visit. Yuta is now permanently working at the One Piece and he’s no longer stationed at the Shunji Matsuo (yes, they’re under the same parent company). You can also book an appointment with Hisato, the international director of Shunji Matsuo at One Piece but it’s by appointment only. Yuta’s rate is Rp 350,000 but there are also other stylists available, top stylist rate is Rp. 250,000 whereas other stylist rate is Rp. 150,000.

When I come in, Yuta asked me how I want my hair to look like. I told him maybe a little bit of bang and I wanted to cut it just right at the shoulder. Yuta told me, that he prefered to keep the length just a little bit below shoulder length so it’s going to look neater and I wouldn’t look so chubby :p He also told me that for now, it’s better to go with a soft bang rather to cut it short. So I agreed with his recommendation and off someone else herd me to the washing station to get my hair washed.

Yuta firstly cut the length of my hair, layer by layer. After he was finished chopping the length off, he told another person to blow dry my hair so he knew how it look like. Afterward, he continued with giving my hair a soft layer so it will look neater and finally gave me a bang. I like that he saw the result of the first cut first before he moved on to giving me the layer so that he wouldn’t chop off to much of my hair.

Although the process looked like it taken quite a while, but the whole hair cut from start to finish was only done within 1 hour period. Yuta curledl in my hair just to show me how I can style it on my own.

After a few days living with the new hair cut I must admit I’m loving it! I feel like my head is really light and it’s really quite easy to style. I just need a round brush and brush my hair facing inward when I dry it with hair dryer. No, my hair doesn’t always look like the one below all the time, it looks slightly like the Heidi Klum’s on the Hair Makeover article (the straight one without bang) if I style it straight :p

I go home with a little bit of recommendation from Yuta, to come back in 3 months time when my bang already grows longer so he can cut my hair the same length as my bang (and he was pointing somewhere below the ear) and it would be great for me to colour it with Chesnut brown or something lighter but just not red! Those two, I’ll consider (not lightly) but in the mean time, I’m happy with my hair. This is what it looks like after the hair cut.

So are you dying for a hair makeover yourself? Want to try a hair cut at One Piece Hair Studio? Well what if I tell you we have free makeover for Fashionese Daily reader soon? Like Monday soon? So check back our blog on Monday if you want to know how to get the free makeover :)

In the meantime, better ponder on what hair style you want to get, girls!