Planning for a Hair Makeover?

What better way to start a new year than to get a new haircut?

One of my agenda for this first week of the year is to get a new hair makeover. I’ve lived with my long hair for the last couple of years and I really think it’s about time to say good bye to it and embrace a new style. I’m not ready for a short hair style, but I can live with medium length hair. The last time I had my hair short was at the very beginning of Fashionese Daily, so it’s really have been quite a while.

To better prep me for my visit to the hair dresses, I ask FD-ers via Twitter some tips before going to the hair dresser. Here they are, combine with some tips from myself:

  • Make sure you know what style you want and the length that you want.
  • If you already know the length, rely on our BFF Google to search for pictures of the hair style you want.
  • Save as many pictures as you want and then pick a few that you like best and bring it with you to the hair dresser. It’s easier to communicate the style that you want through pictures compared to word. Because sometimes different people can interpret words differently. If possible, bring pictures of the hair style that you want from as much angle as possible.
  • If you want to keep the style at certain length, state clearly to the hair dresser the length of the end result no matter what the hair style is.
  • If you already have trusted hair stylist, then you need not to worry. But if you haven’t, then it’s time to browse through Female Daily and ask other FD-ers on hair stylist recommendation. Know your option first before you go to a new hair dresser, ask around what other said about the place or specific hair stylist that you want to go to.
  • Already know where to go? Book an appointment in advance to secure yourself a time.
  • Confuse about tipping? Read the general tipping standard that FD-ers gave.

I’ve done my homework myself, I’m planning to get a shoulder length haircut so I’m browsing for various style in that length.

I came out with six final pick in the end, not too bad at all. I’ve booked for an appointment for tomorrow. So let’s see whether I’m going to have the fringe or not tomorrow, or layer or no layer.

What about you? Are you planning for a hair makeover yourself to start this year with a new spirit? We’re thinking if we should give a free hair makeover for our readers?

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