The New French Vouge Editor-In-Chief is Emmanuelle Alt

After Carine Roitfeld departure from French Vogue editor-in-chief position and speculations about who’s going to fill her position, it is confirmed on Jan.7 that Emmanuelle Alt is the chosen one. Previously, beside Alt there is also another candidate, Virginie Mouzat from Le Figaro daily newspaper. President of Conde Nast France, French Vogue‘s publisher, Xavier Romatet held a press conference on January 7 saying that Alt, will be the magazine’s director starts on February 1.

Romatet said, “Vogue Paris is doing very well and I wanted to entrust the editorship to someone who can provide continuity while bringing new life is doing very well.”

“What I want is for Vogue Paris to be very open, that it will be a magazine where all of the sensibilities can express themselves, where all styles can exist. A magazine where everyone can express themselves because they have talent. Emmanuelle Alt is capable of opening the magazine to that,” he stated the qualities that the magazine’s editor in chief needs to have.

“Emmanuelle has all of the professional and personal qualities needed to continue to make Vogue Paris the leading monthly fashion magazine. I give her full confidence to embody and lead this demanding brand and to let it live in all of its different dimensions, including digitally.”

Not only the printed edition of French Vogue, the magazine will also extend the brand’s presence using iPads and iPhones and with a new website in the next five years.

Alt expressed her excitement by saying “It’s a great honor for me, but also a great pleasure to get to the head of Vogue Paris that I know very well. I will try to develop the incredible potential of Vogue Paris while working with very talented teams.”

Alt is going to work with Olivier Lalanne as the deputy editor, whose editorial remit has been extended to include the magazine’s male-targeted edition, Vogue Hommes International.

Things you need to know about Emmanuelle Alt:

  • Alt is a 45-year old popular fashion stylist who previously worked at French Elle and freelanced for several other magazines before becoming a fashion editor in 20 ans magazine in 1993. In 20 ans magazine, she also worked with Carine Roitfeld.
  • By the time Roitfeld was the editor in chief for French Vogue, Alt became the fashion editor for that magazine. Some sources even mentioned that Alt was the key success for Roitfeld.
  • In addition to her career list, Alt had been working as a stylist for several top designers such as Isabel Marant, Gucci, Balmain and Balenciaga.
  • Her husband, Franck Durand, works in fashion business too. He runs a creative consulting business and has worked as an artistic director for Balmain, Isabel Marant, Celine and other brands.

Emmanuelle Alt’s personal style:

Her personal style always grabs the attention. She’s known for her rock ‘n’ roll style, loves to wear military inspired outfit and she truly owns the rock star attitude. Boots, black jacket, skinny pants are essential for her style. In Karl Lagerfeld word, Alt style is “big shoulders, long legs, tight jeans, sleeves up to the elbow, one hip out,”