Black Pants Will Never Go Out of Style

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s the black pants. Some things are meant to lasts forever, whether it’s 2010 or 2011, we’re still vouching for black pants. No girl should live without owning one. Luckily, the black pants are showing their strong presence on Pre-Fall 2011 runway. So if you haven’t got one (which I’m sure almost impossible) or you need a new one to replace your old one that don’t you think it’s the perfect timing? Although the Pre-Fall 2011 runway is dominated by slim black pants that are paired with a simple shirt or jacket, but just any kind of black pants is a must to invest this year as long as it fits you perfectly. Especially now that it’s the sale season, it’s just the perfect time of the year to hunt for your perfect pair.

How to wear black pants?

Not only black pants will be your best friend during your career life that will be the perfect match for your suits and shirt, but you can also use it for other occasions as well.

If you want to pair it with your jacket, try a nipped at waist suit with wide-leg or flare black pants. Short or boxy jackets will be a good match for your stovepipe, cigarette or straight pants. If you want to wear the boyfriend blazer then try to balance it out with a slimmer or skinner pants so you wouldn’t look ‘drown’ by your attire.

For a casual night out with your friend pair it with simple shirt, top or jacket. Whereas for a more formal event try tops made with a combination of lace or sequins or materials such as silk or chiffon silk that will give instant glamorous effect to your pants.

Black pants can also look sexy if you play the right card. Pair it with a more revealing top such as low cut top or fitted bustier. I like how Blake Lively mix her loose cut pants with the sexy top.

Black pants for different body shape

Even though black always gives slimming effect, but read our tips first before deciding which pants to buy.


  • Choose pants that won’t add extra inch to your waist. That means no unnecessary details on the waist such as extra waistband, extra fancy band or the like.
  • Look for flat-lying pockets as seen on the picture above which will complement your body shape and avoid on-seam slash pockets.
  • I find that it’s best to avoid low waist cut because it just doesn’t complement pear-shaped body at all.
  • Also avoid flare pants or skinny pants because it’s just too dramatic.

Straight, narrow or skinny legs

  • The perfect pants would be boyish, cigarette pants or cropped pants. Because you can just live with them without looking like a chunk of meat :)

Big thighs

  • Opt for slightly wide-leg pants that are not too loose through the hips. Wide-leg or slouchy pants doesn’t have to be all loose. It should hug your hips, but not too tight. The crotch shouldn’t hung too low as well, unless it’s the model of the pants such as harem pants.
  • A big no is for tapered pants because it will exaggerate the difference between the shape of your thighs and calves.
  • For a more casual look you can opt for really wide cut but for more formal look opt for something slimmer but still have that wide pants fit.

Short legs

  • Choose something that has a slim shape and wear it with heels to elongate your legs.
  • Cropped pants is definitely a not because it will make your legs looks shorter.
  • You should also avoid low-rise pants and stick with mid-height rise.

Splurge or Steal?

Splurge on classic look, menswear pants that highly rely on fit because you wear this kind of pants more often. Choose one with good quality of fabric. I prefer more cotton blend and avoid too much polyester because of the hot weather we have here. I would also avoid wool blend pants, because it can be quite itchy. Believe me, this kind of pants worth every rupiah you will spend on it.

Steal on pants that you will only wear on the weekend such as jersey, cargo or other laid-back style pants. There are only two days in the weekend and what are the chances that you will wear it every weekend?

What’s your personal tips in finding the perfect pants? Spotted one recently? Share it with us.

*Pictures courtesy of WWD, Mango, ASOS, Zara and Getty Images by Frazer Harrison. Sources from WWD and The Lucky Shopping Manual