Nokia Messaging As One Of Incredible Features in Nokia E5

When I read previous article on Fashionese Daily about Nokia Messaging feature in Nokia E5, I really think the article explains well about what people expect from a single communication gadget. Today, being online and connected is a necessity for everyone. It doesn’t consider your background, age, gender or anything else.

As for me, a university student yet intern fashion reporter in Fashionese Daily, mobile phone like Nokia E5 will be much helpful. In morning, I have to do my duty to study. During the campus break, I check my email to see what assignments and invitations given for me. Then I usually went to attend and report a event in noon. Being apart from Fashionese Daily office, I need to get connected with my editor online. Not to forget, I also need to get in touch with my friends and family.

With Nokia Messaging as one of its feature, Nokia E5 provides the applications that answer my needs above.  I will be able to chat through various instants messengers such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi Chat. I will know the latest updates of my friends and family members by logging in  social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter. Push Email services by Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Ovi Mail enable me to check email whenever I need. Nokia Messaging is also supported by Email For Exchange and IBM Lotus to keep the emails save. All you have to do is just downloading those applications free from Ovi Store. More importantly, all that packed features only cost me Rp. 1000/ day* such an affordable price for a university student like me :D

Well I guess it’s not only university student who needs Nokia E5 with its feature Nokia Messaging to make their life easier. Almost everyone would need it.

*The price is varied based on the providers. Click here for more info.