Splurging on Flats?

It’s only the first week back to work and I’m already missing my flat shoes. I’m never a big fans of flat shoes for one reason only, I’m just too attached to my heels. I’ve previously thought about getting flats and ditch my heels once in a while. But it took me months before I’m seriously thinking about investing in a pair of good flats or rather a pair of shoes that is comfortable enough to be used on daily basis. So forgive me if I’m going to badger you with shoe-related posts over the next few weeks.

So I roam the Female Daily shoes forum for a recommendation from fellow FDers on what shoes to get.

The first shoes that caught my attention is the Tory Burch Reva flats which cost $195, since the girls at the forum love it so much! It has a metal clasp with the iconic Tory Burch logo on it and nowadays I see more and more people wearing it. It has various selections of material from the classic leather and patent to printed denim and even pony hair. The huge metal clasp bugs me at first but what I’m not too excited about is the slight ruche at the back. I used to own a pair of flat that have a slight ruche like this and it’s not comfortable at all!

So I’m moving on to the next shoes in line, which is the classic Ferragamo and Tod’s.

The Ferragamo Varina is the flat version of the classic stacked heels. Vara complete with the beautiful signature vara bow on it. It has various colours to choose from and I know many people swear by their Ferragamo shoes, so no question there regarding comfort issues. I have issue however with it’s $420 price tag!

The Tod’s Gommini Loafer also caught my attention after I saw Kelly Rutherford wearing it with her more formal dress. Even though the loafer looks masculine but oddly it goes fairly nice with her whole outfit. With its rubber sole and the shape that looks wide enough I’m pretty sure that they’re comfortable. But again the price is not within my budget, it’s $425!

It doesn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy the many colours of it though :)

Anyway, have you ever splurged on flats? I’m still looking for my pair of comfortable shoes, so I would love to know when you read the word ‘Comfortable Shoes’ what brand first come to your mind?

Don’t worry, my quest for the perfect pair of comfortable shoes has not come to an end yet. I’m still looking for one that is both comfortable and within the range of my budget. I’ll keep you all posted on the development :)