Will Flats Ever Replace Heels?

There seems to be no end toward the debate whether women should choose a pair of heels or flats. Many pros and cons are thrown by the heels and flats lovers alike. Which pair is actually more appropriate for women to be used on daily basis?

You can probably say that I’ve been taking sides from the very beginning since I’m a heels lover. But let me convince myself (and convince you as well in the process) as to why I should invest in flats and maybe open a chance to ditch my heels?

First and foremost flats are comfortable because they follow the natural contour of your step. Flats feel like a second skin especially if you buy a pair that have a good fit and made from good quality material. You don’t need to worry that you might get hurt if you’re forced in a situation where you have to run around everywhere, I’m sure when you’re wearing heels you will be always worried that you might trip. Most importantly, it allows your legs and feet to support your body more steadily than wearing heels.

Flats usually also come in wide array of colours and very cute design.I’ve just given a peep into Linea’s next season array of pretty ballerina flats and let me tell you I couldn’t stop drooling. I’ve been taken aback how effortlessly chic celebrities looks like on their formal get up paired up with flats and it still looks proper.

With all of the above, why do I need to stick with heels?

I couldn’t lie that I do enjoy 7 – 10 cm addition to my height. There are also a lot of women that said they choose heels because it looks sexy and somehow make their legs looks longer. Well, I don’t know what’s the truth in this but I do feel more confident on my stiletto heels. There’s this magical feeling that somehow, in every step with that heels I can conquer everything ahead of me. Sounds so very superficial but I’m sure a lot of us feel like that, don’t we?

The conclusion? It all comes back to the occasion. If we feel that we need to be on our feet all day, flats would probably suit our need the best. However, if you are finding shoes for more dressier occasion or formal events and meeting, I would still prefer heels. But like I said above, since many celebrities used flats nowadays to be used with their formal attire, more and more people use flats not only for their casual outfit. I would love to know what do you all ladies here think about wearing heels other than for casual occasion? Is it heels or flats that dominates your wardrobe?

The pictures are all courtesy of Linea. They’re currently having end of season sale starting from today, 23 July 2010 onward. For more updates from Linea, follow their twitter account @lineashoeshops.