BB Craze: Review Part 2

I have previously written BB Craze: Part I and BB Craze: Part II, if you haven’t read them, please do so. It will give you enlightenment to my craze toward BB cream.

My skin specs for reference:

  • Undertone: Yellow
  • Shades: NC37 in MAC or Medium-Deep in Revlon
  • Type: Normal

SCANDAL Magic BB Cream

So OK, BB Creams can be off in terms of shades, but I can forgive that that as long as it’s creamy enough to blend. And I’m glad that Scandal is one of them. I love the creamy texture, the lightness, the coverage (which is light to medium), and even the clean, green smell to it that reminds me of spring and summer fragrances.

It gives me dewy look, and I don’t even need to set it with powder. You can if you want, especially if you have oilier skin.

If you want coverage, this cream is not for you. Or, you can use your regular concealer only where needed, than apply this cream, and you’re good to go.

Oil control is average, so don’t forget to bring along your blot powder or blot paper

THE FACE SHOP Hydro Splash

I encounter enough BB Creams that have false names, but this one lives up to its name. I expect something light and liquidy, and fuss-free when I read “hydro” and that’s what I got. Feels really nice on the skin, and blending job is a snap.

Despite the fact that it sounds like a light cream, it still gives you a decent coverage, much like a tinted moisturizer.

The only downside is the grayish undertone that can be too ashy on some skin. To solve the problem, just mix it with a drop of liquid golden highlighter or liquid bronzer, prior to the application.

BRTC Jasmin Water

This is one of the most-raved BB Creams in the market and that is not for nothing. The texture is similar to The Face Shop Hydro Splash, and actually both have that H2O names.

The creamy texture feels so comfortable on my normal skin, and I can see glow sees thru. If you want matte finish, this is not for you.

It’s about two shades too light for my skin tone, so a bronzer or contouring powder (darker powder that you use to contour your face) can be of help to balance it out.

LIOELE Triple The Solution

This one has a dry texture that makes it difficult to blend without tugging the skin. A big no-no for me. Still, many roads lead to Rome, so if you have to use this, you can easily mix the product with a moisturizer, or a liquid or cream foundation, or a liquid highlighter or bronzer.

The shade is a tad too light for me so I end up mixing just a little bit of the product with my regular foundation

I try it out on its own and I can see that oilier skin will love Lioele for its matte finish and great oil control. I guess the dry texture makes up for it.

Dr. JART Detox Healing Blemish Base – Black Label

The shade appears light upon application, but it manages to blend well into my darker medium skin.

I like how it looks on my skin. It gives me a done face while maintaining the natural look. It’s not completely matte, as I can still see some glow, so I think I can call it a satin finish. I think it could be creamier.

Oil control is superb. I can go 6-7 hours without touch-ups in a normal weather. It has a pleasant but fainty green scent to it.


This is one of the most talked-about BB Cream, so I really wanted to give it a try. I am excited to see a yellow undertone cream (Yess!) since beige is the common shade in the BB cream world, but it is still too pale for my shade. Dang! They just don’t love us, medium-dark skinned beauties *phbbt*.

Coverage is light to medium, so if you want something to really conceal pimples and other flaws, you might want to use concealer to do the job. It is not as creamy as other products, and the fact that it is almost matte on my normal skin could be a factor loved by those who have oily skin.

It acts like a light foundation and I like how comfortable it feels on my skin. If the shade suits you, and you want to jump to BB Cream bandwagon, get this. Otherwise, mix it with liquid bronzer or a darker foundation.


I have no particular reason why I bought this product. I guess I was just window-shopping on eBay and a less than popular product caught my eye. And when I got it, I was so reluctant to put it on my skin thinking that if I could not find a review on this, then why would I want to risk myself.

To my surprise, Elemong is a nice cream. The shade fits me, it feels moisturizing and soft on the skin, and it stays for hours as well. That’s already too much to ask in BB Cream, so Elemong is not bad after all.

Still, my scars from the younger days need something more serious, so I have to rely on a concealer. Oh btw, it has Samsung logo and name on the back of the packaging, and I have no idea what it means.

MISSHA Oriental Herbs

Missha is a relatively big company that has gone international by opening stores in different countries, so I cannot stop thinking why they do not bother to use any English in the packaging. I can only recognize that this is a Missha by looking at their website address at the back of the tube.

Anyway, the packaging attracts my attention. Looks like a serious and expensive (it IS expensive) product from a reputable company, if you know what I mean. And the design reminds me of “motif batik kawung”

Sadly, but expected, it is grayish and so thick that it is next to impossible to blend. If I weren’t on the beach where everybody else looked horrid as well from the sunscreen, I would wash my face off the product.

I find it a little oily, but I guess some blotting jobs would help if you want this to work for you. Just make sure you start lightly and build up from there due to the thick consistency.

GOWOONSESANG Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm aka Dr. G

It is beige. Not pink, not yellow, just plain beige. It does not help with under eye circles, which already has a blue tint to it.

But luckily, it is creamy and blends well without tugging the skin. Coverage is sheer, but it offers an almost matte finish so this could be a keeper for most of us.

What’s more, it instantly brightens up the skin, and I love it!

Although, I’m not sure that Gowoonsesang is a reputable company. The English information at the back of the tube sucks!


Finally, a darker BB Cream that is friendly to my NC37 shade. It’s sheer and creamy tho, so I think most skin shades are able to pull this of. Just don’t expect coverage as you would with foundation.

I like how it feels. It’s creamy but not sticky or gooey. Perfect if you want to layer it under a foundation.

I detect a little shimmer on my hands after application, so it is better for a normal to dry skin.

The scent is a bit overpowering for me.

Below are the swatch for the BB Creams:

  1. SCANDAL Magic BB Cream
  2. THE FACE SHOP Hydro Splash
  3. BRTC Jasmin Water
  4. LIOELE Triple The Solution
  5. Dr JART Detox Healing Blemish Base-Black Label
  8. MISSHA Oriental Herbs
  9. GOWOONSESANG Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm – aka Dr. G
  10. ETUDE HOUSE BB Magic Cream

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