Sariayu Rimba Sumatra Beauty Kit

Last year, I went gaga over Sariayu’s Merak Kasmaran collection, inspired by the Javan peacock. This year’s collection is Rimba Sumatra (the Jungle of Sumatra), a solid mix of staple colors.  But this year, I’m less excited about the colors than about the packaging that is the Beauty Kit.

The Beauty Kit is essentially a makeup palette, containing 4 lipsticks, 6 eyeshadows, two blushes and a face powder. The sales person told me the kit includes all of the eyeshadow and lipsticks of the Rimba Sumatra collection. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen such a user-friendly palette from a local beauty brand.

The lip products are a good combination of coral, a pinked rose, an orange and a browned red color. They apply really smooth and natural on the lips, drying semi-matte. After wearing them for a couple of days though, I felt my lips tight and starting to shrivel, an indication of dryness (which does not happen with the full size version of the lipstick in Nias which I also have). So, wear a good, moisturizing balm, underneath these lipsticks, and moisturize your lips every night.

The eyeshadows in this kit are all shimmery, but not over the top, and includes a rose, lime, silver, orange, golden brown, and black. The golden brown color is especially beautiful, with a slight tinge of olive. With an eye primer, these eyeshadows last at least 12 hours with no caking.

Two blushes are included, a peachy pink (in real life, it’s not as orange as in the picture above) and a tan color (I think this is more a bronzer than blush). A two-way cake powder is also included; it’s a bit too beige and light for me, but still usable.  All the colors in this kit are pigmented and easy to apply.

There’s a few things, however, that I would have done differently had I been Ibu Martha Tilaar.  I would put the printed graphics of Rimba Sumatra   (like the one gracing the cardboard box) on the Beauty Kit casing, even if just in sticker form.  I’d also get rid of the obnoxious fragrance and all the (useless) brushes, and include a lipgloss instead.  At Rp85,000 however, this kit is still a good value for money.

Another thing I like is that Puri Ayu stores now use bio-degradable plastic bags, which degrade in a matter of weeks (if placed in soil) rather than hundreds of years for conventional plastic. Way to go, Martha Tilaar Group!

So, who’ve tested or bought this palette? What do you think?

*This product can be found at Sariayu counters and Puri Ayu stores (where I bought mine) nation-wide.

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  • vanya

    What I don’t understand is, why most local cosmetic brands always put powder in the kit..
    It’s never the right shade so it’ll be useless

  • ijoli

    iya, gw setuju ama vanya
    tadinya gw mau beli palette ini tapi ga yakin bedaknya shade gw
    trus yg sangat disayangkan kenapa blushnya cuma 1 (dari yg seri toba), pdhl yg gw incer yg seri nias. nanggung amat ya cuma si toba doang. coba bedaknya ga ada, diganti sama si nias, komplit nian deh…

  • dunia_dandan

    Ini seperti Travel Kit yg dijual di Duty Free Shops.
    Sayang.. padahal koleksi Merak Kasmaran tahun lalu bagus bangett!
    Ini kenapa casenya pun polos?

  • Affi

    Packaging is so ho hum, but I am so curious to try the eyeshadows! That tan blush/bronzer kinda scares me though. Is it really pigmented Len?

    And yes, what is it with the full-on fragrance on our local makeup products? If they still want to keep it, should at least choose a subtler one, IMHO.

  • alia

    hmm…entah knp gue klo beli lenong ..packaging nya hrs bikin napsu jg..klo ngga pst males coel2 n bawa kmn2 walo isinya bagus…
    packaging nya mengingatkan sama my1st compact powder…pigeon..hohooo

  • Lena

    vanya, iya, heran. ndak pake fgd waktu disain produknya kali ye…

    ijoli, bener banget, napa bukannya blushnya aja dimasukin. plus lipglossnya.

    dundan, iya, travel kit (walau mereka gak outright position it as such).

    affi, iya mayan pigmented, tapi kalo pake skunk brush cukup bisa lah kontrol degree of pigmentation. eyeshadow palette kan ada, coba aja itu dulu (yg trio e/s set is worth trying gue bilang, at <30rb).

    alia, iya packagingnya bikin males apalagi dibanding foreign brands. tapi kalo masuk puri ayu, sekarang mayan lucu2 packagingnya, yang caring ada yg macem mini notebook; PAC juga pake bonga2 lucu hehe

    baru2 ini gue liat mirabella(masih grup martha tilaar) punya palette macem gini juga, cheaper (65k vs 85k), ada dua variasi yg gue liat. but this one is still nicer imo. the mirabella palette’s colors were bleh *udah packagingnya bleh, warnanya juga bleh* :(

  • juliettehasagun

    mungkin karena orang indo masih banyak yang nuntut satu paket lengkap dengan bedak, sepon dan kuas? o_O

    padahal, IMHO, lebih baik si bedak, sepon, kuas, tendang aja jauh-jauh. masukkan dengan blush, highlight, more eyeshows! *ngarep*

    tapi entah mengapa gue berpikir bakal ada yang protes, “Ih, mbak. kok nggak ada kuasnya, sih. terus pakainya gimana?*

    kalau soal wadah polos itu, hmmm… kali sariayu takut kali ya harganya jadi melonjak tajam dan orang2 pada males beli. mungkin di Indo, untuk kalangan tertentu, harga kosmetik itu termasuk sensitif. iya gak sih? o_O

  • piscanilie

    gw dah beli Len, for my momy, tapi dah nyicip e/s nya, wearable bgt buat daily, yg ga kepake si bedak itu, kurang pas shade nya

  • d351r33

    love the green & black e/s, i wear em as a highlight color (under the eyes), mayan sbg pengganti eyeliner :)

    • lena

      sebagai eyeliner color maksudnya ya, iya gue juga suka yg ijo buat eyeliner…hasilnya eyes that are defined but not over the top…

  • Haqni

    Harganya berapa?ingin beli nih…thanks

    • lena

      gue beli harganya 85rb jeng kalau gak salah; masih ada kok di counter2…

  • Olivia

    the golden brown swatch is very pigmented :D

  • Vani Sagita

    ulalaa.. Jadi ngiler pengen beli ini, tapi seumur-umur belom pernah liat konternya puri ayu deh..

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