Ann Siang Road: Singapore’s Little Secret

Just like what I promised you on the previous article, I will write about some must-visit shopping destination in Singapore.

One mission I had when I planned my trip there was to find places that sell interesting stuff we don’t find in the malls. A trip to Ann Siang road easily accomplished my purpose.

When stepped foot in Ann Siang, I was greeted by nice  Scandinavian style architectures in the clean and quiet neighborhood. The picture below is one part of Ann Siang that houses several boutiques. As you can see, they have identical exterior and almost similar window display but each store is worth visiting.

Eggthree is one of the stores that sells fashion product and home accessories. The store is very big (They occupy three lots) with cozy interior. The stuff are randomly placed around the place. You can find a suitcase sits nicely next to the pile of clothes, or a pair of killer boots in the shelf. Everything is nicely scattered.

There are more stores along the street. Unfortunately not many of them sell clothes. But if you are a sucker for stationery and cute accessories like me, you’ll go crazy there :D

If you glance quickly, there are a lot of accessories that you can easily get here in Indonesia, but once you take a closer look you will find some unique stationery, funny shaped alarm clock or pretty frame in the corner of the shelf.

On the other side of the area, I saw a nice little coffee shop (I will write about it on my next post), and when I entered the place, the cafe owner told me about the store up above their shop.

So I went upstairs to Smudge Store. A boutique owned by Singaporean singer JJ Lin. The store ambiance really represents their collection (street wear), with dim lighting and graffiti and minimal furniture.

Smudge has their own street wear label, SMG -that according to their marketing manager Nick- are dedicated to all individual who are surviving in living their life.

Beside the SMG collection (t-shirts and caps), Smudge Store also sells funky sneakers, jeans, collectible toys and gadget accessories. The price range is around SGD 30 – 300

After I left the store, I decided to go to another side of the road and I saw one stylish guy entered a store where a fashionable girl just walked out from, carrying two big shopping bags. Then I knew immediately I should follow them.

Apparently it’s Fred Perry Boutique. Fred Perry is a late English tennis player who decided to open a sportswear under his own name in 1952 (He first launched his sweatband collection around 1940’s). You might recognize them by their famous laurel logo. While their collection is very nice, it’s more classic, sport and preppy, so not the kind of boutique I had in mind when I saw those two people earlier.

But when I took a closer look, I had to admit it’s hard not to love the clothes. They might be too classic for my taste, but it suits my body nicely. I tried on one cashmere sweater, and really accentuate my (ahem) curves in a nice way. I was also in love with their sequin polo shirt and black doctor bag.

The item price started at SGD 50. But considering they are the type of clothes that you can wear very often in most occasion, I think it’s worth it to splurge.

The last store I visited before I hurried back to the hotel to rest my swollen feet was Little Dröm Store. According to Stanley, one of the store owners, dröm is a Swedish word for dream. And when I entered the store, I can see that he and his girlfriend (he told me her name is Antoinette), want to keep their (and our) childhood dreams alive.

They sell many toys that I have not seen since forever. The last time I remember seeing them must be when I was seven or something. They also sell hand drawing greeting cards, postcards from the photograph they took and the cutest thing is the book of pictures his Dad drew for him when he was a kid.

In addition to what I have mentioned above, they also sell green bags, table lamp, vintage dress, stationery and other small things. And when I took a tour around the store, I saw a strange Chinese calendar, but I couldn’t find out what’s wrong with that until I took a closer look and apparently it’s a flyer of  one Singaporean local designer for her retro clothing label Dayglow Vintage. She showcases her collection on the store, too. A nice retro dress from the mod era. My all time favorite fashion style.

Little Dröm Store shares the space with, a small cake house. But unfortunately they were not open at that time.

Then I saw something that drew my attention. It’s the little flower in the vase. I just noticed that almost every store/cafe I visited in Ann Siang have the same flower. So I asked Stanley and he said it’s because they get it from the same florist. Pollen flower connoisseur has the best flowers in Singapore, he said. It’s located next to Scarlet Hotel in the neighborhood. So now you know where to go should you need some bouquet in Singapore :D

Oh and please take a look of what we got from there :D

And this is not the end :) On the next article I will write about local designer boutique, dining experience and some other tourist information :D