Singapore Trip: Another ION Rave Review

A few weeks ago, Fashionese Daily got an invitation from Singapore Tourism Board to visit and  explore the city. So last week, one of us went to attend the invitation. So who was going? Yes.. it’s yours truly, girls :D

Last time Hanzky has mentioned a little bit about Shopping at Orchard including ION. This time I will write more about it and some other stores there.

First, of course I could not resist the temptation to visit Sephora. How can you not love this place. The bright lighting, the friendly shop assistants and the array of makeup and skin care… A must visit place for beauty junkie. Some brands that it has are not available in Indonesia such Urban Decay, Benefit, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Rosebud Salve, Burt’s Bees and of course Sephora Makeup and Sephora Nails.

Sephora at ION

Besides Sephora, ION has many other cool stores. Some of them are available in Indonesia, some are not. And from the latter group, I found Mitju at the basement floor. The store is quite big compared to other stores at this level. And there are so many people shopped there, too, so it’s surely caught my attention.
Mitju sells shoes, bags and accessories for women. The price is very reasonable. The shoes starts at SGD 20, bags starts at SGD 30 and accessories price start ats SGD 10.

Unfortunately I can’t give you too many pictures as the sales assistant told me that it’s forbidden to take pictures there, even though I have explained that I was sent by Singapore Tourism Board. But seriously, they have some pretty collections, so whenever you visit Singapore, please check them.


When we’re talking Singapore, of course we have to go and get our self some Rubi shoes. Well, it’s not originally from Singapore, but they have so many outlets there. And the fact that the shoes are very comfortable and relatively inexpensive make it such a loss if we don’t get a pair (or two.. three :p) when visiting Singapore. The flats shoes priced at around SGD 15-25. Every now and then, they have some shoes on sale for SGD 10. Besides flats, they also have sneakers (starting at SGD 20), flip flops from SGD 7.5 and some dressy heels from SGD 30. And to top it off, they were having second pair 50% off promotion when I went there. Sweet!

After that, I went to Muji. I know we have it in Plaza Indonesia. But their outlets in Singapore carry lots of stuff that are not available here. For example is Muji Cleansing Oil and the rest of the skin care/makeup series. Muji in Singapore is also carrying more complete collection of stationery (organizer, binder, business card case, pen, pencil you name it). Household utensils, bathroom collections, clothes and snacks :D  are also available there. They even have furniture! And what’s nice is for the clothes, they offer you alteration service for less than SGD 10 per item.

Unfortunately both stores above did not allow picture taking in the store, so I couldn’t share it with you. But I have two pictures of what we (me and some other FDers at Singapore) got when visiting the stores :D

Colorful Rubi Shoes

What we got from Muji

The basement floor of ION is also interesting. There are some small booths that sell clothes, chocolates and knick knacks. There are also some small stores selling accessories and cute clothes. The price is very affordable too. I saw a collection of necklaces for less than SGD 5, bags for around SGD 10. I took home a pretty dress for less than SGD 25 :D

Basement Level - ION

ION has many other interesting stores, including Kikki.k stationery, Uniqlo, Agnes b. Voyage, bYSI and many more including the high end brand at the lobby floor. But unfortunately I can’t write about them all, or else this will become one endless article. To sum it up, this place is definitely a must-visit :)

ION at Orchard

On the next articles, I will write about some must-visit stores, local boutiques, dining experience and some useful information. So this is only the beginning :D