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A number of fashion-related movies, TV shows and documentaries are coming to the screen in the US at the end of summer this year.

n42135676930_1592802_983The September Issue, which was mentioned on my previous post back in March, premiered yesterday in New York. Forget the Devil wears Prada movie, this is definitely the real thing. As they say, “September is the January of the fashion industry, this documentary chronicles the making of last year’s September Issue of VOGUE in the hand of Anna Wintour. The September Issue was one of the heavily advertised and thickest issue in the history of VOGUE magazine. It will also portray the midas touch of Wintour and her American VOGUE team, notably  her Creative Director, Grace Coddington, in composing the magazine page by page. We’ll go behind the scenes through their creative staff meetings inside the closed door of the famed VOGUE office (on the 12th floor of the Condé Nast building at 4 Times Square), a closer look of all their run through, fashion shoots, and in between of the Fashion Week shows in the US and Europe. To those who are passionate with fashion magazines/ publications, and want to have an insider scoop through VOGUE’s editors and stylists, as well as seeing cameos of fashion designers, models, and photographers, this short documentary movie is definitely a MUST! Visit the website here, and watch the trailer below. Photo courtesy of, trailer courtesy of

coco_avant_chanel_englishposter1Coco Avant Chanel ( Coco Before Chanel) movie, which will open in late September in the US (although this movie has been in theaters for a couple of months across Europe), stars gamine French actress, Audrey Tatou, as Gabrielle Coco Chanel through her life journey from an orphan childhood, to climbing her way in building the fashion empire that has become today. We’ll see her life path as a cabaret singer, learning how to sew and become a seamstress, a fashion rebel dressing up in menswear clothing, her personal love stories, and especially witnessing the making of what she’s known in history as a legendary fashion designer. Learn more about this movie here, and watch the trailer below. Photo courtesy of, trailer (in French) courtesy of

93acb0e3be7d83408118ec74641981ecIn the meantime, on TV screen across the US, we’re currently entertained with the new season of celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe and her drama involving her two crabby assistants, and also, the long awaited comeback of Project Runway.

I won’t elaborate about these two shows, since I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar. Learn more about the second season of Rachel Zoe Project here, and briefly posted in FD here. Click here for the new Project Runway season 6 at Lifetime.


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amelia-posterAnother movie which I shall consider “fashion-related” is Amelia, a biopic movie about Amelia Earhart (starring Hollywood actress Hillary Swank), the first trans-atlantic female pilot, the longest non-stop distance ever flown by a woman, who disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 attempt to fly around the world. The movie which will open later in October in the US, not only will show Earhart’s dare devil flying skills, but also her 1930’s fashion and especially her choices of menswear-inspired flying gear assembles. Earhart was a fashion icon in her days, her slender figure, cropped tousled hair, and androgynous attires often photographed by the press. In the sky, she wore high laced boots, well worn trousers, jodhpurs, a worn bomber jacket, a helmet and goggles. On land, she wore pretty much the same style, tall riding boots, skinny pants, without the headgear. To raise money for her next flying adventure, Earhart debuted her fashion line in 1934, Amelia Earhart Fashion, sold in a number of department stores across the US. Learn more about her line here and her biography, here. Today she has become a source of inspirations to many fashion designers, Jean-Paul Gaultier was said to be inspired by Earhart in creating the Fall Winter 2009 Ready-to-wear collection of Hermès. Will this aviatrix look take over the reign of the rocker and biker chic of Balmain?.. Hmm you’ll never know! Amelia movie poster courtesy of

Please click on thumbnails below for photos of Amelia Earhart in several flying gears (in jodhpurs and scarf, bomber jacket, jumpsuit etc.), her fashion label, and also Earhart-inspired Hermès collection, all photos courtes of,, and

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And if anyone has any useful information about these movies, especially whether they will be playing in theaters across Indonesia, please do share them with us here.

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