New Fashion Reality Show this Fall

Waving goodbye to the last days of summer, Fall is bringing several fashion-related reality shows on American TV. New “exciting” shows have emerged besides the new season of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model and Janice Dickinson’s Modeling AgencyThe Rachel Zoe Project, Glam God with Vivica A. Fox and Stylista would bring the fashion styling world into the TV screen.

The Rachel Zoe project shows the life of Rachel Zoe as a celebrity stylist. The show is all about Mrs. Zoe trying to start her own fashion brand, spiced up with her own drama, involving her husband, Rodger and her conflicting assistants, Taylor and Brad (hailing from Vogue, Brad is the newest addition to Rachel Zoe’s team). I personally admit that I do enjoy her show ;d It’s entertaining to see all the beautiful clothing and accessories, it definitely brings back memories of the hectic styling work. And I finally witness how Rachel pull off a look together although her famous line “Shut it down!” is pretty annoying to hear over and over again ;d 

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Rachel Zoe with her 2 assistants: Brad and Taylor, photo courtesy of

Glam God with Vivica A. Fox is a reality show where 12 stylists competing to win the title of a “Glam God” a.k.a celebrity stylist, the next Rachel Zoe or Philip Bloch and represented by a top styling agency. This show is NOT a personal favorite but out of curiosity, I keep on watching it ;d I don’t understand why they chose Vivica A. Fox as the host, and who did actually style her? She didn’t look “the part” in some of the episodes, especially on the one when she wore that humongous bling bling pendant on her neck =( The judging panels consist of the editor-in-chief of gossip tabloid US Weekly, celebrity stylist Philip Bloch, Ms. Fox, and several guest judges. On its last show, the guest judge was Adnaan Ghalib, the paparazzi who gained fame by dating Britney Spears!


Vivica A. Fox with the 12 aspiring stylists, photo courtesy of

STYLISTA which would air this October on CW11, is another reality TV where several aspiring fashion assistants and stylists competing to win the spot of fashion assistant to Anne Slowey, fashion news director at ELLE magazine. I had my high hopes on this one since it’s an editorial position winning lottery to reach the dream job of a fashion editor. But,  after reading the bad review by NYmag, I’m not so sure anymore. Tyra Banks is also said to launch another reality show with a winning ticket to be an assistant editor of a fashion magazine *yup another one from Mrs. Banks, will this show be called “America’s Next Top Assistant Editor?” lol  

Now, I’m more than convinced on how overrated it is being a fashion stylist and editor these days! Everyone seems to use all means to nail this spot. I  think it’s outrageous and glad that I’m not part of it anymore =) Well, the good thing is now I’m well informed on what’s on TV besides my addiction to Gossip Girl ;P Maybe watching these shows would comfort me for a while from the wind and rain of Fall season. Hopefully these shows would also be available on Indonesian cables, stay tune and keep your fingers crossed!

Anne Slowey of ELLE with her 11 fashion assistants-to-be, photo courtesy of and 

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