MAC in Mode with John Stapleton

macinmode-1Eventhough Ive come to the previous MAC in Mode class with Nicola B, but I came to the Saturday, 14 Feb 2009 morning session with much anticipation that I will learn someting new from John Stapleton. I believe every MUA have their own trick of the trade, the insight to their technique is what I’m very much interested in.

There were two MUA that simultaneously demonstrated their creativity that day on the stage. Beside John, our favourite MUA Darwyn Tse is also there to help explain to the audience more about make up.

According to John, this season is all about the hydra luminous skin look – healthy looking skin which makes people look at you with envy. It’s all about looking naturally glowy without people noticing that you’re wearing foundation. When they sees you all they can see is how healthy is your skin not how good is your foundation.


Both MUA stated over and over again on the importance of prepping your skin before the use of make up. Do not forget to use moisturizer as it will help foundation to absorb and blend better. Fix + was sprayed on the model’s faces before anything else and buff with 187. Strobe Cream, a moisturizer with soft shimmer particle was used afterward – this is the must have product for creating hydra luminous look. If you want more day time look with sheerer coverage – as if like you’re wearing no foundation on your face, mix a little bit of Strobe Cream with MSF Liquid Foundation. John applied the foundation with 191 brushes lightly but really takes the time to spread it around the face starting from the center part of the face and leaving the outer perimeter untouched. For the areas where more coverage are needed he applied the foundation in stippling affect whereby you bounce or tap the brushes repeatedly until the area is cover.

macinmode-4For the outer perimeter – forehead, chin and outer cheek – Darwyn used MSF Natural in Dark and John uses Mineral Loose Foundation in Dark, applying it with brush 134. They also apply these product in areas where contouring are needed, for instance below the apple of the cheek to create more contouring effect.

Where many people still believe in shading, John emphasizes that it’s best to start with highlighting your best feature first. Product such as MSF Natural in Light or Light Medium can be used for highlighting. Other than our cheekbones highlighter can also be applied on the outer lips area, especially on the cupid bow to give that fuller lips affect.

On the stage, John focuses more on the smokey eyes look, with Alice – FD Forum Member – as the model. Whereas Darwyn focuses more on the combination of neutral eye and draw the attention more to the lips.

John started the smokey eyes with applying Smolder Eye Kohl on the lid and blends it upward lightly afterward. I’m sure those who’ve joined FD Kelas Dandan would already know this trick by now. If you don’t have Smolder other dark eye kohl can also be used as substitute, i.e. Engraved. Eye kohl would be the best base for the smokey eye because the colour is not too harsh and the texture would be able to hold the eye shadow once it apply so it doesn’t fall out. John finishes Alice look with applying smaller false eyelashes from the middle part of the eye to the outer corner. Alice look extra stunning without overdoing the false lashes look.


One of the audience point out that when using eyeliner, at the end of the day what’s left is the raccoon eyes. To avoid smudging on the lower lash line area, John suggested to apply loose powder lightly on lower outer corner of the eye using 266 brush. To avoid mess when applying mascara he suggested to try apply the mascara to the lower lashes first and continuing with the upper lashes. That way the mascara wouldn’t smudge to your crease when you open your eyes widely to apply mascara on lower lashes. For those who have very long lashes and tend to smudge their mascara to the lower lash line area, it is best to apply your mascara only from the root up until the middle part of the lashes not until the end.

One’s look will never be complete without a well groomed eyebrow. If you have little or sparse eyebrow hair you can start by drawing hair using Eye Pencil with light stroke so that it gives you the fuller hair illusion. Finish it off with filling in the eyebrow using dark brown eyeshadow suited for your eyebrow hair color using 266 brush. John only uses MSF Natural to set the foundation and MSF Petticoat – unfortunately Limited Edition product which is hard to find – on the cheek area to gives a little bit of colour and shimmer.

One of the most interesting question from the audience is what kind of make up can we put on if we only have 15 minutes to get ready? Starts with putting on the MSF Natural for the whole face. For the eyes, John suggested to use neutral shade of eyeshadow on the lid followed by darker shade on the crease and finish the eye with Mascara. Finish the look with a touch of lipgloss.

*Pictures courtesy of Hanzky from Friday, 13 February 2009 Mac in Mode morning session.