Highlighting Vs. Contouring


Nicola B, MAC make up artist from Australia said that as Asian we should be grateful to our very unique feature. One question that she gets a lot from her Asian customer would be on how to do contouring, nose shading in particular – do we need to remind you of the famous number 11 on the nose? She suggests starting with highlighting rather than contouring, because with highlighting you can bring out the best feature on your face. Nicola said on her profile “Highlighting all the high planes of the face with a paler shade of foundation or concealer (the cheekbones, center of the nose, brow bone, top of the lip line and center of the chin) – simple but extremely effective”. So ladies next time when you’re thinking about correcting features on your face, think again! You might want to start with highlighting so that you can do minimal correcting on your face. Because you’ve got nothing to hide, you’re already naturally beautiful.

Nicola picks MAC Studio Touch Up Stick in NC/NW 15 for highlighting (depending on whichever shade fits you the best). This stick is perfect because it’s very handy and easy to use. Use the stick to draw on the area marked pink on the picture below and don’t forget to blend. Whereas for contouring she recommends Studio Stick SPF 15 foundation, the creamy smooth texture will replicate your skin texture allowing for flawless finish. Apply only where you think is necessary because less is more for contouring.

image credit goes to MAC Technique material