Guess What I Found at B18!

Bond No.9 Perfumes!

Bond No.9 is a collection of perfumes created as an homage to the great city of New York. It was created by Laurice Rahme, formerly handled Creed perfume lines, who has restored the grand art of perfume blending, using only high 18-22 percent concentration pure eau de parfums. Each scent of this collection represents a specific downtown, uptown or midtown locale in NYC with an iconic star-shaped bottle embossed with Bonds No.9 logo which resembles NYC subway token.

I have been wanting to get my hands on this perfume ever since I read about it a few years ago but have not come across any even on my recent trip to HK – which is said to be the only location in Asia that carries a full range of Bond perfumes. I could buy it online of course, but I have made a mistake of buying expensive perfumes unsniffed and am not going to repeat it again! So imagine my euphoria when I saw a neat row of star-shaped bottles on the glass case in B18 Pondok Indah Mal!

Surprisingly, they had quite a selection of this particular fragrance. I spotted So New York, Eau de Noho, Park Avenue, etc amonga few others. However, they did not have any of the special-edition bottles, which I lust after, like Chinatown, Scent of Peace, Fire Island, etc. I was sniffing the fabulous So New York (it has espresso accord and cocoa powder notes!) when I asked the sales lady how much damage one bottle can create to my bank account. The answer made me feel stone-cold.

2,7 million rupiah. 2 freakin 7 million rupiah!!

Okaaay, so this is on top of my wish list in the fragrance category but there is NO way I will spend that much on a bottle of perfume where I could get it for approx. $120 online!

So I carefully put the lovely bottle back to its shelf, waved silently goodbye to the other bottles and moved on to the next shelf.

Luckily, the next perfume I found was an equally great find – one that I’ve also been looking for everywhere! Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash!

I was informed by a friend, who used to work for MJ parfumes distributor, that Cucumber Splash will not be available in Indonesia so I was very very happy to see it in B18. Moreover, the300 ml Eau De Toilette is “only” Rp. 600.000 (525 thousand with my mother-in-law’s discount) which I think is totally worth it considering you’ll get a huge bottle! I quickly snapped one and have not stopped wearing it ever since. Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash is a great everyday scent that has cucumber accord, lotus leaf, cactus flower, blue tiger lilies and Dutch freesia. It’s a fresh, pretty and subtle floral fragarance. Oh btw, B18 also has MJ Orange Splash, which also smells incredibly yummy.

Though I sometimes hate how much they jack up the prices in this store, I have to admit, B18 does serve as a nice alternative to our poorly-stocked department stores.